Introduction: Waterproof Container From Little Propane Cylinder in 10 Minutes

I recently thought of this reuse idea after discarding numerous spent propane cylinders. I recycle a lot of metals instead of throwing in the landfill but the recycling plant will not take these for obvious reasons. 
The containers are quick and easy to make and offer lots of different uses such as camp stoves, speaker enclosures, storing items, one more thing to put LED's in, etc.......  

Make extremely sure propane bottle is completely empty before cutting! Once bottle is empty it still has enough residual to cause a potential explosion hazard. Make sure bottle is at room temp, depress valve to ensure there is no pressure. Then puncture a hole and place bottle as if you were draining liquid out,  the residual will drain because propane is heavier then air.

Step 1: Gather Tools and Materals You Will Need

First thing is first, you will need these few items:

Small LP bottle with plastic base


Abrasive pad

Awl or sharp punch



Step 2: Remove Plastic Base

Since the plastic base is used as the top, remove this first so its not damaged when you are working with the bottle. The base is glued on with a dab of glue in the center. Lightly heat up the glue with a lighter if you cant remove it with your hands.

Step 3: Make the Bottle Safe

Make sure bottle is empty. A frozen bottle with small amount of LP will seem empty until thawed so make sure of that. Depress valve with awl to assure no pressure, If no pressure exists then go ahead and punch the hole. position bottle so hole is at lowest point and let sit for a few minuets.

Step 4: Cut Bottle in Half

To get a very straight rim simply follow the seam of the bottle with your hacksaw. Cut lightly to avoid distorting the shape of the bottle

Step 5: Clean Up Edges and Wash Out Inside and Your Done!

Take the file and gently clean up edge. use abrasive pad to dull the lip. Wash the inside with some dish soap and abrasive pad to get rid of rust and LP odor.  Put your lid on and your done.