Waterproof Firelighters




Introduction: Waterproof Firelighters

these fire lighters ignite from a spark and burn for about 20mins

Step 1: Gather Supplies!

you need;
small round fuel blocks.
bike inner tube
cotton wool
petroleum jelly

Step 2:

take the fuel block, and place it in a length of inner tube about 6-8inchs long, put it about 10mm from one end inside the tube! then trim up the end of tube so you can fold it over the block and glue it shut with the puncture repair glue!

Step 3:

take a blob of petroleum jelly and stuff it down the open end of the tube, then stuff down some cotton wool! this way half the cotton wool is still dry but the other half gets mushed in the jelly to prolong the burn!

Step 4:

now seal up the other end like yiy did the first time!

Step 5: To Use....

once dry and set its waterproof and ready to use!
take a knife and flint, cut it open and pull out some cotton wool, fluff it up but leaving some still in the tube, strike your flint and it will soon take! which will then set the tube on fire, and then the fuel block!

these can burn for around 20mins so plenty of time to boil water or to get a bigger fire going!

I will try and get more pics up soon but I think you can all sus it out! let me know what you all think!!!

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    This is a really smart idea. It would catch quickly then sustain a long burn. Well done! Also just wondering, is there any strange smell from the inner tube burning?


    Reply 7 years ago

    Not really, you wouldn't want to use it indoors or under your fav pan. But this is for survival.