Wax Paper Weight

Introduction: Wax Paper Weight

All my papers keep flying around so i decided to make a paper weight than buying one.


--- a transparent cap, I used one of the I.V. fluid ones
--- a  lit candle
--- a box of paint, it can be any paint

Step 1: Use Your Imagination

the design can be anything you like. It can be drip , layers so use your imagination
remember that it has to be on the inside of the cap

Step 2: Sealing the Paint

after you use paint don't let it dry but start to let drops of molten wax cover it
don't let the paint leak or it will make shades of black and brown

Step 3: Repeatation

repeat steps one and two with different colors of paint until the cap is full

Step 4: Chilled Wax

if you want you can put the wax to cool by itself or put it in a bowl of ice

Step 5: Leakage

you will notice that paint will leak out of the cap even after you seal it
let it dry and it will seal itself

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