Wellcome to How to Do a Cobra Cut!

Introduction: Wellcome to How to Do a Cobra Cut!

This is the hardest one handed cut ever made. So your prety lucky that im showing you how to do it!
so good luck and here is a prevew of what you will be dealing with.

Step 1: The Hold

first hold the deck like this...( the secound one is the spectaters view.)

Step 2: The Load Off.

now drop a packet into the croock of you thumb.( agen the spectaters view is 2d pic.)

Step 3: Slick Cards.

ok. now push the cards with your middle and index finger(the cards that you droped down.)forward towards your thumb.oh and after you do this turn the bottom of your hand to the spectaters. clasp your pinky and index onto the top packet onto step 4.

Step 4: Upsy Dasy!

now lift a pasket from the packet in the croock of your thumb. lift away your pinkey and index finger when you feel that it will be fine and balence on your middle finger and index.

Step 5: Now Toss and Chetch!

as the title states toss the top packet in the air and cetch it. and there you go!

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    Very kewl, I think I got the idea. I'll try it next time I'm near some cards and can make a mess. A video would be nice, but not necessary, only if you have the time :P