How to Make Cheap Wick System Hydroponic (membuat Hidroponik Sistim Sumbu)

Introduction: How to Make Cheap Wick System Hydroponic (membuat Hidroponik Sistim Sumbu)

membuat sendiri wick system hydroponic menggunakan botol bekas kemasan air mineral.


  • 1 botol bekas air mineral 600ml
  • 1 potong kain flanel
  • hydroton/ media tanam lainnya

siapkan juga:

  • pisau/cutter
  • tanaman yg telah di semai
  • larutan nutrisi hydroponic


now, we will try to make wick hydroponic system by using ex bottle of mineral water


  • 1 ex bottle of mineral water 600ml
  • 1 piece of fabric flannel
  • hydroton / other media

prepare also:

  • knife / cutter
  • plant seedlings
  • hydroponic nutrient

Step 1: Siapkan Botol Plastik Kemasan Air Mineral

Step 1 : prepare ex bottle of mineral water

Step 2: Belah Botol Menjadi Dua

Step 2 : cut the bottle become two

Step 3: Beri Lubang Pada Bagian Atas

Step 3 : give a hole at the top

Step 4: Masukkan Kain Flanel

Step 4 : put on fabric flannel

Step 5: Masukkan Sebagian Hydroton/ Metan Lain Yang Ingin Digunakan

Step 5 : put on half hydroton / other media you want to use

Step 6: Letakkan Semaian Tanaman

Step 6 : put on plant seedlings

Step 7: Tambahkan Media Tanam Hingga Penuh

Step 7 : added the hydroton / other media until it’s full

Step 8: Selamat, Wick System Anda Telah Jadi. Berikan Cat Pada Botol Untuk Menghindari Lumut.

Step 8 : Congratulations, you have finished the wick system. cover the bottle from light to avoid moss

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6 years ago on Introduction

This is a very clever use of an old bottle! Very nicely done!