Wind Powered Wicker Basket Led Light

Introduction: Wind Powered Wicker Basket Led Light

About: i make, mend and modify things from rubbish, whether found or donated, whilst travelling around these islands off the coast of europe

when wandering the fields and forests armed with richard maybe's classic book "food for free" all you need besides maybe patience is a basket to collect a meal sized amount of edible things, and if it's a moonless night then a light is useful....  this basket is the answer!
a beer can windmill is directly mounted to the screw-like spindle of a floppy drive stepper motor( the one that positions the read/write heads) and this motor is attached to the front of the basket, where it will catch the wind. the output from the stepper goes into a transformer, a 240:12 step down transformer, but into the 12v end, so it serves as a x20 step up transformer, as a white led needs 3.3V and output from this stepper at wind driven speed (this was a simulated wind) was only a few 100mV.

unfortunately the bearings aren't so good, once removed from the floppy drive chassis, requiring the spindle to be pressed down to run freely, so all outside tests failed and it took a air compressor to light the led.

this project was inspired by a cousin of mine in one of the most windy parts of ireland (the north antrim coast)  so when i visit there again we can build one and test it outside!

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    it would be great if we could see more of this. Do you have any other pictures?


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    thanks! you will see more but for now i don't have any pictures, only two very short videos, neither very clear but one is posted, so i gimped together a cut and paste model of it.
    i plan to make another but with a version of a joule thief instead of the heavy transformer, or just a small toroidal transformer, and using perhaps a computer fan motor or a hard drive motor.....