Introduction: Talking Wind Sensor (with a Voice Recording Kit)


This is a wind sensor with conductive threads, conductive fabrics, and a metal ball.

Step 1: Preparing Materials and Tools

- Conductive thread
I bought it from Lame Lifesaver, but you can use also
You can look into conductive thread overview here. (
- Conductive Fabric
Shieldit super (
- Metal ball: I got it from random old toys. I think small magnets also work or any small conductive material will work.

I start off conductive material research here ( It is useful if you would like to learn other conductive materials.

You just need basic craft tools such as scissors, cardboard, tape, glue, cutter knife, cutting mat. If you want to record and play the sound with the wind sensor, you can try RadioShack 9V Digital Voice Recording Module. (It has been discontinued in Radio Shack, but you can find it on Amazon or eBay. I am sure you can find similar products in other places.) I cut wires and connected to the wind sensor.

Step 2: Unfolded Cube Drawing

I drew a planar figure representing a cube on the cardboard and cut it out. Three plains will be attached together with conductive fabrics. You can use an iron to attach the conductive fabrics to the cardboard.

Step 3: Prototyping

I used velcro to open and close the box for the future debug.

Step 4: Hanging With Conductive Thread

Let each conductive thread touch each conductive fabric. Make sure that each conductive thread is not touching each other (I used a transparent cellulose tape to separate both threads).

Step 5: Testing

You are done! I added a simple circuit of a recorder and a microphone. I recorded a message and played when it winds outside and when they feel lonely! The sound is quite soft so you may need an amplifier or a better speaker for the loud sound output.

Step 6: Wrapping Up

Please check out the Huggable Nature workshop that I used some of the DIY sensors with nature.

You can also find my other artworks here.

Thank you for reading it!

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