Introduction: DIY Wireless Mic to Wireless Guitar System

Ive been watching some vids and some bands and almost of them use a wireless system on guitar. Going crazy, moving, walking and do whatever they want without the cord so I dream of having one.. But.. for me now its too expensive so I came up to this idea.

an old wireless microphone to wireless guitar system.

Things Needed:

-a wireless microphone that send radio signals to FM or a wireless microphone with the receiver(the wireless mic to FM is the one I used in this project)..
-1/4" audio jack
-a case or small plastic box. (any kind that will fit for you)

Step 1: Disassemble the Mic.

Disassemble the mic. (Be careful of the wires and the circuits).
We will just need the parts inside of the mic.
We don't need the body of it.
we can also use the part of the battery case. I cut the part of the mic to have a battery case(As you can see in the photo).

you can also disassemble it without removing the wire from the battery..

The blue and the yellow wire i think will be the antenna of it. not sure but dont cut it..

Step 2: Remove the Mic Part and Replace It With the Audio Jack..

we don't need the mic. We will replace this with our 1/4" audio jack. just remember the wires that we remove for this.

Step 3: Assembling

find a case or a small box that will fit our project(I use an adapter case of our old printer).

Arranged it for better use. We will also use the on/off button or the signal light for battery purposes.

Step 4:

set up your FM radio and find the frequency of our wireless project and then set the output of the radio to the amp or other devices.

Lets Jam and Have Fun! _


-for some wireless microphone, they have their own receiver so you wont be needing the FM radio. I just give the idea on how to connect the jack in our microphone and arranged it.. _

-arrange the antenna wire to have a better range.

for comments, corrections and suggestions, just comment or pm me.