Introduction: Wooden Ipad Case

Have and ipad? need a case? follow these steps to create your own wooden ipad case. This case is designed for a ipad to stay in place of the case and for it to magnetically shut. The case can be modified any way you want and you can place a foam piece on the case so the ipad can slide in and out.

Computer with Autodesk Inventor and Corel Draw 10 programs
Laser printer
2' x 1' sheet of wood 1/8" thick
sand paper
magnets (.25 diameter and .063 thick)
clamps (to hold the pieces in place)

Get the image attached (the one with the dimensions)
2. Create Inventor files for each individual part
3. Place each part on one sheet file and save it as a DXF file
4. Open file in a Corel Draw 10 and place on a sheet 24" x 12"
5. Put wood sheet in laser printer and print the file ipad case (Color: Black, Speed: 2%, Intensity: 100%) holes for the magnet (color: red, speed 15%, intensity 100%)
6. glue pieces together to make it look like the final picture, after the glue clamp the pieces you glued together so it can stay in place.
7. after glue is dried up sand the entire case and remove all the dry glue spots
8. sand the entire case again to make it smooth
9. put glue in the magnet holes and place the magnets inside (polarity matters since it needs to magnetize with the other magnet for it to shut)