Wooden Pen

Introduction: Wooden Pen

Do you want a unique pen? A wooden pen is very simple to make. All you need is

  • a branch of about 4 inch length; it is important that the wood has a large enough pith in the centre (e.g. elder wood)
  • a pen mine
  • a knife
  • a rod of the diameter of the pen mine

Step 1: Cut the Branch in 2 Pieces

  • Take an about 4 inch long branch with pith
  • Cut it into an about 3.5 inch and an 0.5 inch piece

Step 2: Hollow Out the Middle of the Larger Cut Branch

  • Hollow out the middle of the cut branch using a rod in the diameter of the pen mine
  • Get the pith completely out of the 3.5 inch branch. You will be left with a hollow tube.

Step 3: Partly Hollow Out the Middle of the Smaller Cut Branch

  • Push the rod partly into the smaller cut branch in order to make a cover for the pen mine tip
  • You will be left with a partly hollow tube.

Step 4: Insert the Pen Mine in the Larger Cut Branch

  • Push the pen mine gently into the larger cut branch where the pith was removed
  • The pen tip sticks out

Step 5: Put the Smaller Cut Branch on the Pen Tip

  • Put the smaller cut branch on the pen tip so it doesn't dry out

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    8 years ago

    nice idea..would be great to write with selfmade pen..