Wooden Slingshot

Introduction: Wooden Slingshot

So i wanted to make slingshot to take care of some doves that nested under my roof and i cant sleep caus of em so this is what i made . :)

Step 1: Geting Started

So i began with a piece of Y wood it is black locust and it has been drying for about a year maybe more.

Step 2: Cutting and Taking of Bark

here i used saw to cut it into shape that i will be using as final product. 

Step 3:

here you can see that i've finished taking of bark and sanded it 

Step 4: Cutting Nothces

so i took a rasp and cut a little grooves so rubber will sit well and wont fly off when you shot at something 

Step 5: Burning Ends

i wanted to this for esstetic reason and to close wood for insects . I used soldering iron

Step 6: Putting on Clear Finish

I wanted to use used engine oil to soak it in it and leave it for day or two, but i ran out of it so i put it in clear lacquer and left it there for and hour for each side and then left it to drie for a day 

Step 7: Making ,,puch`` for Ammo

i didnt have real leather but i had its replacemant so i glued 2 of em together , cut it into shape put holse into it and used soldering iron to make it into seemles piece 

Step 8: Final Product

i skipped to take a photo when i was putting on rubbers so here is what i got at the end. Its not to strong but it has quite a good range though. I dont have ball bearings here but i useed a nut and bolt thing m6 to shoot at birds and its good against them :)

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9 years ago on Introduction

Well yesterday i've been at my village with my bro and 2 friends , my friend was iompresed at how strong this slingshot was and how acurate it was :). He shot my bro while he was in tree in the butt from 15 m :)


Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

Haha well, thing is im not to acurate with it, im better with bow.. But at least i hit one pigeon in its but and it never returend to that place again so i can say yea i am


Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

Just copy this guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ieWrWLjii0