Introduction: Wooden Table Lamp

This is a small desk lamp that I made. It shows the grain in the wood which I think is really neat. It doesn't use much glue, it only uses some to hold the columns up but that's enough for this contest.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

  1. Some nice wood, I used Wendge
  2. Veneer or very thin wood, mine was white oak
  3. a smaller light on a cord, I got mine for $6 at
  4. 1/4 inch dowel only 4-5 inches
  5. a 3/4 inch bit, a 1/4 inch bit
  6. wood glue
  7. 1/4 inch chisel
  8. a saw/table saw
  9. a drillpress or drill
  10. linseed oil

Step 2: Setting Up Your Base

cut a 5by5 square of your nice wood. Then make a 3/4 inch border and draw a square. At each corner of the inside square make a 3/4by3/4 inch square.In the center of the piece make a mark for drilling a hole later.

Step 3: Cut the Colums

cut a piece of the nice wood 5 inches long. then cut it into 4 smaller pieces 3/4 inches wide

Step 4: Drilling the Holes

drill holes in the center of the squares on the base and on the bottom of the columns using the 1/4 inch drill bit. All of the holes should be drilled 1/2 inch deep.

Step 5: Cuting the Dowel

cut 4 pieces of the 1/4 inch dowel each just under an inch long then put them into the columns holes with some wood glue to keep them in there.

Step 6: Make the Slots for the Veneer

using a hack saw I made slots on 2 sides of each of the columns, and on the base from hole to hole which line up with the ones on the column. Each slot is only a couple of centimeters deep.

Step 7: Put in the Light

If you are using the light I did you first need to break the metal part off. Then take the 3/4 inch drill bit and make a hole in the center of the base. After that flip the base and using a small chisel make a slot for the cord to go in. Then put it in to see if it fits

Step 8: Sanding

sand up all the pieces getting rid of all stray pencil/sharpie marks made and smoothing out the wood making it look good and feel smooth.

Step 9: Gluing and Finishing

Glue the 4 columns in and after it is dry take the linseed oil and rub it all over the thing with a good amount coating everything. After 20 minutes come back and wipe the thing dry of the extra oil, if you don't wipe it down it will become sticky and gross.

Step 10: Cut the Veneer

Cut the veneer to the right shape for each slot then put them in, making sure they are not bending but instead are straight in it.

Step 11: Finished

Put the cord in the base and hold it down with glue or staples then put the light bulb in and turn it on.

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