Wouter Bekaert 360 Swing

Introduction: Wouter Bekaert 360 Swing

how to make the 360swing.

you wil need:

- a drill

- a brace of Ø10mm

- two cross-screws of 4 cm long

-a saw

-a small rope of at least 25 cm long

-a marker

- a rouler

-multiplexwood 500x400x22

-two carabiners

- a good rope of at least 10m

Step 1: The Disk

okay let's begin with the disk.

take the small rope and make a loop. then measure 16,5 cm place this on the multiplex and draw a cirkel. saw it out and put a piont in the middle than drill two holes at 5 cm from each other in the middle. your disk should look like this now.

Step 2: The Shelf Under the Disk

we wil make this shelf to secure that the disk won't brake. With this shelf we will spread the pullpoint of the rope.

saw a shelf to fit under the shelf and between the twoo holes.

Step 3: The Knots

i will show you the knots you will need to hang the swing up high. so you can swing secure.

put the rope through the hole above , go around the shelf en than back through the other hole.

make an eight knot at the end.

adjust the hight you want for the swing and make a dubbel loop.

Step 4: How to Mount the Swing.

first you begin with the two carabiners and the eight knot and klick them togheter now you have your weight so you can trow the rope around a treebranch or a pole, etc... then you take the other side of the rope the one that comes out the hole of the swing. you adjust the height and make a dubble loop-knot you replace one carabinder with the dubble loop. then with all the other rope you collect it and bind it togheter at the carabinder. pull the carabinder up high so it wil not be in your way. now your swing is ready to swing in every direction you want.

the end.

Step 5: The Minifilm

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