Introduction: XMouse2000 Electronic Mouse Trap (no Kill)

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I had a problem of the 4 legged kind running around in my conservatory, and to be honest I have never liked the idea of killing things other than wasps, mainly because they are useless and they don't like me either. And to avoid the phrase "tree hugging hippy" I thought I would go all techno on him instead.

Anyhow, I could have bought a mouse trap for a couple of quid but lets be honest, there is just no challenge in that at all is there?
Hence came forth the birth of the xMouse2000!
What better way than to use some odd bits we have laying around to help relocate my unwanted guest(s?).

The initial idea came from a work colleague who has a similar problem and to be honest I stole his initial mouse trap box and added some electronics. Sorry Steve, but once it has done its job I will bring it back to you!

We were trying to find a way to trigger the gate, the first thoughts were a micro switch, trip wire, photo sensitive beams and even passive infra red detection, however I did have a microwave sensor head, similar to the type you may find on automatic doors conveniently to hand.

The relay is to isolate the switching load of the solenoid so it doesn't damage the PNP output of the sensor. I made it a latching relay to make it easier to set the solenoid in place and the red reset button is just the job to reset the latching relay bit.

That is basically it, the top section slides off to allow access to place the bait, in this case some baby bell cheese. and as it turns out also allows you to wash out the bits the mouse leaves behind. Nice!

UPDATE 12:03:2013

xMouse2000 relocates its second customer!

We did have to upgrade the bait with some banana bread.

Latest Update:

Rent-a-kill have been in over the last few days and for some reason I have not seen any more "customers" of late.

However our service will remain open for future customers ;-)