Introduction: Xela Combo

stage6 link:

Be cool!!
leave your hand in your pocket,you don't need it yet

1-do a one hand laceration
2-now it's time to bring out your second hand and make a pretty good looking whip green triangle
3-do an reverse suicide of the GT and
4-leave the gt in whip catch by the top
5-now a little touch of gerbil
6-make a pretty attractive double or nothing but double the last step of it and use the rebound to
7-unrollbetween your arms the double or nothing
8-now a little ripcord and
9-slack outside/inside out(sort of revolution) then
10-suicide and catch the slack under the string
11??? "FYL THE FALSE KNOT" i named this part like this because a friend of mine named FYL show me this trick(hard to explain!!!) so if you're not satisfied use the slow motion!!!lol
12-remove the knot with"delicatesse??"
13-pop the yo to uncross your arms
14-you're now in trapeze,act like you gonna make a normal suicide but cross your arms and

16 PAN PAN!!
17-broke the steps
18-and start again


xela (from france)