Yet Another Coil Gun...

Introduction: Yet Another Coil Gun...

howdy ho kiddywinks!

its been done a million times before, so no point in doing yet another instructable.

however, i do think my coil gun has turned out much cooler than i ever envisioned, and i only zapped myself twice, so i figured id see what you bunch a maniacs thought!

all pretty standard, although personally i was quite pleased with the overall look, and i especially like the simplicity of the cocking mech. all built out of scrap and bits from the poundshop (i love that place. i love it good!) except the magnet wire, which cost me 7 quid from maplins. total cost, prolly bout a tenner.

its meant as a demonstration model, as inspiration for my kid brother, so i havent worried about muzzle velocity or charging time too much, but it charges in about 20s, and is powerfull enough to plink beercans from about 12 ft.
once i get sick of playing fallout im likely to add more caps, and build a faster charger from scratch rather than camera circuits. maybe if im feeling flash, ill add a laser dot, and a solenoid to automatically recock.

take it easy kids!

why? because i can!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    what type of cameras did you use and will you post pictures of how you connected the two..... im attempting to build a coil gun but i just dont have the power i think i should have


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    sorry, i havent signed in in a while!

    the cameras were cheap, no brand ones from the pound shop.
    it shouldnt matter what they are, and i just wired them all in paralell. once you overcome the charging switch, all you have it 2 wires for power, and 2 for the cap. should be easy to daisychain them together.

    i have given the unit to my brother, so i cant take any more pics, but nthere are plenty other instructables that will tell you.

    and if you dont have enough power, it's usually the caps. you can charge ten caps from one board, it will just take much longer, but give you the same power. the biggest factor in getting good power was the coil, and where it was placed. the round has to be right on the edge of the coil or it loses power.

    my coil was able to slide alond the barrel, so i could adjust trial and error, and get the best out of it.

    good luck!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    quite neat way of holding the round in place and loading it, as soon as i can find a nice shaped grip for my coil gun, i am going to make it as automatic as possible, using a solenoid and some springs.


    and i busted it already!
    the trigger switch finally burned out, so i made a new one out of coppr tubing and steel pins.
    worked well, with a pretty bright blue flash, until i accidentally shorted it to the battey earth, and i have killed both transistors in the chargers.
    anyone got a circuit diagram for a nice beefy 1.5 or 3v charger circuit?