Introduction: Ziplock Box Speaker.

ok here is how to make a really easy speaker that I got out of a old stereo.

Step 1: Getting Started

first you will need a.

ziplock box any size will do,
soldering iron,
input plug for your ipod/computer,
hot glue gun,
axzato knife and
paint if you so choose.

if you don't know what a input plug looks like look at the pictures bellow.

Step 2:

1. First put your speaker on the ziplock box and with a pen or pencil trace the shape of the speaker on the box when your done draw in the inside the same thing, the reason your doing this is so the the speaker doesn't go through the hole you will make later on.

2. Now cut the line on the in side of what you traced earlier.

3. Now it is time to do some soldering, okay take two wires and solder one too the positive end of the speaker and one too negative end of the speaker, now take the positive and solder it to the positive end of the input plug and do the same thing with the negative end.

4. You are all most done, now it is time for some installment put the wires in the hole you made earlier then take the hot glue gun and put hot glue around the edges of the hole then put the speaker over the hole to glue it down.

5. Now make another hole right by your speaker and glue in your input plug now.

Step 3:

now that your done it should look like the picture down bellow.