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Introduction: Zipper Head Phones

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Zipper head phones are pretty easy to make and need little supplies. The main things is finding a zipper long enough for your liking. You can purchase at a hobby store. I got mine off a sleeping bag holder that riped and couldn't use so took the zipper off. The zipper helps the head phones not get tangled up and looks cool. Get out a needle and your pins and go to town.

use these

Step 1: Tools and Supplies



pin cushion


sewing needle



head phones


device to play head phones

Step 2: Making the Zipper Headphones

After you have your supplies and tools start making. I made sure the zipper was the length i wanted and began sewing. The length of mine was about 3 ft. I started sewing one headphone side at a time. So i unzipped the zipper and took my sewing pins and pinned the zipper cloth wrapped around the wire to itself with the cloth connected to the zipper. At the ends i sewed it tighter to prevent the zipper from sliding on the head phones. Make sure you do not stick your pin threw the headphone wire just it's self. when sewing zippers make sure you have everything out of the way of the zipper so it will zip up after.

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    This is such a clever idea. Thanks for sharing your version of the zipper headphones!