Introduction: Zombies, Zombies, Zombies, ZOMBIES!!!

Zombies, zombies, zombies, zombies, ZOMBIES!!!!!

To start with i won several damaged mannequins on an auction website. You dont need full body mannequins (but it would help), i had 2 full male torso's with head, no arms or legs, a femail torso with arms but no legs and 2 torso's with no head and 3 heads.

1 - I cleaned the mannequins
2 - I used  glue gun and duct tape to attach the heads to the bodies (dont worry if the dont fit flush as you can either build around the gap or use a scarf to hide it).
3 - Use papier mache to add texture to the zombie faces, I used toilet tissue rather than newspaper as this gives a more texture look to the face. Think how you want the zombie to look and use the papier mache to help create this.
4 - Add any additional features (you can wait for the papier to dry or add before papier mache). I added fake teeth (but can use anything at all) and used the papier mache to make this look seamless.
5 - Once you have all the desired looks created by addition fixtures and paper mache, let everything dry. Then its time to paint!
6 - I found it better to cover the face and body in a natural skin tone, and to cover the white, then i used face paint dabbed on with a sponge to create the dirty bloody tones (used red and black).
7 - Then using old makeup, mainly blue colours, I used this to highligh features on the zombie.
8 - For arms, I just rolled up cardboard and painted. Putting kitchen roll in the end and painting red worked well for a torn off limb!
9 - Now just draw in eyes and eyebrows and using paint highlighted the lips.
10 - Then time to dress them, with anything really but just rip it, add fake blood and again used old makeup to make them dirty. I got cheap wigs from a pound shop halloween section, but you can leave bald or add a hat.
11 - Beacause the mannequins had no legs we had one crawling on the floor and 2 sat down so didnt really need to do legs. but for 2 others we inserted a pole in the mannequin and threaded the clothes, and stuffed with newspaper.
12 - Finally after positioning them we use a red light bulb to make the room look abit dimmer!

Sorry i cant show you the steps with pictures, but this is a simple but effective process and all zombies can be totally unique depending on who makes them. The zombies were made with everything you can find in the home the only expense as the mannequins and wigs - a total of £12!!!

Hope you enjoy our Zombies x

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