Arduino - Simple Simon Says Game

Picture of Arduino - Simple Simon Says Game
In this instructable, I will show you how to make a simple Simon Says Game using an Arduino. it's not just simple but we can get a psychological benefit. I have a bad memory to remember something fast or a new things. So this project really suitable for someone like me. hahaha

We're gonna using some basic electronics built on top of an Arduino. When the project is finished you will have a working simple circuit that fun to play.

This is the video of my Arduino - Simple Simon Says Game
(change the quality for a better view)

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Step 1: Parts and Tools

Picture of Parts and Tools
2 copy.jpg
Here is all you will need:
(1) Arduino UNO R3
(4) LEDs (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow)
(4) Push Button (small)
(1) PCB Matriks / Perfboard
(1) Speaker 8 ohm (0,5 watt)
(4) 100 / 330 ohm resistors
(1) 9V battery
(1) 9V battery box with on-off switch
(4) Spacer 0,5 cm
(1) Project enclosure (I'm using "Kitchen Ware" box)
- Breadboard
- Shrink tubing
- Jumper wire
- Rainbow wire (optional)
- Male header extended
- Blackhousing / female 1x1 header (optional)

- Soldering iron
- Solder
- Hot glue
- Mini drill
- Pliers
- Cutter
- Helping hands (if you don't have it, you can build it from my helping hands instructable )
aaronXtreme22 days ago

hey could u make it so when u match,it doesn't play a little tune EVERY time . its really annoying:).could u send me the code @


faziefazie (author)  aaronXtreme14 days ago
I'm really sorry, I can't do it soon, I'm still busy with my final project in college. So sorry :(
Z7Z1 month ago

Hey! I have a quick question, the game seems to be working fine but the LEDs are INSANELY glitchy. Only the outside two ever light up, and occasionally the middle ones light up when I press it, making it nearly impossible to play. They are all in the right places so I have no idea what is causing this.

faziefazie (author)  Z7Z1 month ago

Are you building the circuit on protoboard first or already soldering it on perfboard?

englishfire4 months ago
how do I change the code so that after 10 rounds a particular event occurs? For example a pin is set to High?
dbrewer47 months ago
How do you run and install the "tone" app for the arduino?
faziefazie (author)  dbrewer47 months ago
you can go to to learn how to install the library tone.
Dylon1248 months ago
Please tell me you made a stand alone arduino!
faziefazie (author)  Dylon1248 months ago
I'm sorry but I didn't make a stand alone arduino. I'm using Arduino Uno as you can see from my pictures.
Please! Make a stand alone arduino! It is so easy and cheap for about $5, what a steal!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can show/ make an instrucables if you want?
faziefazie (author)  Dylon1247 months ago
okay, please show me how :)
athirauv8 months ago
faziefazie (author)  athirauv8 months ago
El Colombiano9 months ago
Hi. I voted for you... Nice work..

I dont know nothing about arduino but i have made some proyects in the past with boards..

I want to make this proyect to work with children with special needs.. But they used to throw away things.. So i will need to be with bateries inside.... Could you please explain to me how to conect the bateries to arduino?.. Thanks..
faziefazie (author)  El Colombiano9 months ago
Thank you so much, really appreciate it :)

you can connect the battery and Arduino in a way that has been described in the picture. Then you can put the battery inside the box, and put the switch outside the box (make a hole in the enclosure for put the switch)

I hope it's help, thank you once again :)
battery power switch.jpg
Is this the only way to add an on/off switch?
faziefazie (author)  botgames9 months ago
hmmm I think it's the simplest way to put the switch. but maybe there is another way, but I'm still learning about electronic too, so far it's the only way that I can answer.
I got it to work! Yeah it was simple. Thank you for such an easy to understand instructable.
faziefazie (author)  botgames9 months ago
You are welcome, it's my pleasure to help.

don't forget to vote for me if you like my instructables :)
alihureiby9 months ago
dari kota mana mas? salam kenal yaa, saya masih newbi untuk masalah arduino nih.
faziefazie (author)  alihureiby9 months ago
Maaf saya bukan mas. hehehe

Saya dari Jakarta, lagi kuliah di Bandung. Saya juga masih newbie kok ttg arduino, sama2 masih belajar hehehe...
irsyakdiah9 months ago
you really ended up exploring your arduino, well done. i gave you my vote already xD
faziefazie (author)  irsyakdiah9 months ago
hehehehe thank you so much chair mate :D
mpacheco1219 months ago
I couldn't reply your comment :P,
take a look to this tutorials they'll help you, you can either use the ATMega with or without external oscillator
faziefazie (author)  mpacheco1219 months ago
ohh okay, thank you so much :)
mpacheco1219 months ago
Verny nice project! i voted for you in all contests and i also made my own game with a atmega328p without all the arduino board, only with the chip. greetings from colombia
faziefazie (author)  mpacheco1219 months ago
Wow that was awesome man, I want to make an Arduino standalone too, can you tell me what should I need to make the circuit without the Arduino board?

Btw, thank you so much for the votes, appreciate it greatly :)
Dude this is very, very, nice! I gave you votes for all contests and good luck!
faziefazie (author)  Enjoying Electronics9 months ago
Thank you so much, my friend :)
mazza089 months ago
Very nice! When I saw your project I took out the little material I had and I did it!
Thank you!!
(from Italy)
faziefazie (author)  mazza089 months ago
That's awesome! You are most welcome :)
Diljot9 months ago
Oh my god! This is soo cool!! But is there any way that you could post the code as a word file or a website, cause i'm not able to open any of the files on my computer.
faziefazie (author)  Diljot9 months ago
As your request, I already add the sketch with txt format. Have fun and tell me how it goes.

Thank you anyway :)
ynze9 months ago
What a nice project to get started with Arduino! Well done!
faziefazie (author)  ynze9 months ago
Thank you so much :)

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