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Introduction: Clean Your Hazy Headlights With Toothpaste

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Here's one trick that every car owner should know! Remember the day when you bought your car, everything was squeaky clean. 5 years later, you'll realize that your headlights are covered with cloudy dirt, cleaning it with soap isn't enough. The solution; toothpaste!

When we went out of town on a road trip, my dad noticed that the light coming from our headlights seem to be faint and diffused. When we finally got home, I noticed this cloudy haze on our headlights. Cleaning the car is one of my chores.

On the other day, I was asked by my dad to try to find and find way of cleaning the hazy headlights. I googled for solutions then I suddenly I came across jessyratfink's write-up, I gave it a try and it worked like Magic!

I'm kinda' starting my YouTube channel so I decided to make this video. BTW, thanks to everyone who supported my previous YouTube project, it turned out to be successful. There's more to come! :D

Step 1: Things You'll Need

All you need is a foil of toothpaste and a clean piece of cloth (microfiber works well).

Step 2: Squeeze Some Toothpaste!

Squeeze out enough toothpaste on your finger tip then wipe it on the cloth.

Step 3: Scrub & Buff

Don't add some water yet! using a cloth, scrub the tooth paste in an elliptical motion.

Step 4: Clean & Dampen Your Cloth

Go to your sink then dampen your cloth with water. Just water.

Step 5: ​Rinse Your Headlights

Go back to your car and scrub it again, this time with a damp piece of cloth.

Step 6: Wipe It!

When your done with the scrubbing, wipe it!

Step 7: Voila!

Your headlights will look brand new! Just like magic! :D


That's how toothpaste keeps out mouths clean! LOLs :))



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    1 Questions

    How long will this stay clean looking? Will it fade back to the haze?


    For me it did not last long. I used crest complete and cleaned the lenses well. They were very foggy and aged and just looked terrible in general, when I was done, they certainly didn’t look brand new by any means, but did look quite a bit better. However, it seems like only a few weeks had gone by and they were back to about what they had looked like before. I am now looking into replacing and upgrading headlight assembly which is beginning to look into the options. Many of the options available definitely expensive.



    I live in Florida and have done this to our headlights. I used cheap arm & hammer toothpaste. The white not the gel. They looked good for about a year before it needed it again and still wasn't as bad as when I initially did it.

    I used the toothpaste. I looked great for 10 seconds and then it went cloudy again. Has this happened to anyone else?

    You are a genius!! Just used some cheap Wilkinsons toothpaste my other half bought which was disgusting, worked a treat on the hazy headlights of a car I'm going to sell, fantastic results and saved a mint not buying a special kit and I've nearly got rid of the vile toothpaste, double whammy!!

    I tried the toothpaste to restore my headlights on my 07 Jetta and it worked but only lasted about a week before they faded again, so I looked around for a new product that was one step and easy to use, so I asked a professorial car detailer in my area what he used and he gave me a sample of this stuff called Lenz Clear It worked amazing. I just wiped away the oxidation and its been three months and my headlights are still clear. Hope this helps, Here is there info to see for yourself

    mine are hazy from the inside so it didn't really work for me :/

    Jazz in Paris :))

    thank you verymuch , very useful.

    The hazing is typically caused by UV exposure. From the factory, there is a UV protective clear-coat on the plastic. Over time, the clear coat wears off. The paste, while polishing the plastic, can also strip off what remains of the protective finish. To keep the plastic from quickly forming a new haze, you need to spray on a new layer of clear coat. It's available at any auto supply store.

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    It doesn't quickly form a new haze. It slowly forms a new haze that you can polish off quickly about once a year when you detail your ride, or go about 3 years between touch ups if you apply the coating.

    If you apply the coating then you must fully remove it the next time you touch them up, then reapply it again, so it's a bit of a wash whether it really helps or is about the same labor in total but with additional cost.

    thanx, ke4'! i have a can of "rustoleum clear lacquer 2x" @ home. do you think that would work?

    Probably. Look for a comment for UV protection on the can. I also suggest you practice before spraying the lens. Getting a good coating can be tricky. When I did it, there was a little crazing of the coating when I put it on a little too thick, but it was still much better than the fogged lens I started with. That was about 3 years ago. Maybe its gotten a little hazier since then, but not much.

    I'll bet the car wax trick would also work well and probably be easier to apply.

    You also need to be aware of the dispersant used in the spray as it may react with the plastic, look for something that is safe on plastics.

    yeah, great; i think i'll wax, cuz when i sprayed my jewelry & hung it up to dry, it didn't craze, but it slumped to a thick bulb of lacquer @ the bottom of each silver charm [they look cheap & crappy now]. i can just imagine my luck spraying lacquer on a big, plastic lens & having it settle in a permanent, bulbous pouch {might distort light, too}! thank-you, again :D

    That's such a cool trick. I had no idea toothpaste had more than the "normal" use. The headlights looks like new, I wonder how much brighter it makes the headlights.

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    Oh, you have to try this! It makes a huge difference :D

    way brighter, but depending how bad your lights are. i did mine but with the 3M kit you can by. it uses a cutting polish and super fine sand paper and a drill. i'm gonna try the toothpaste on my truk next.


    Wow! that's a huge difference.