It has been about a year when i last time had the chance to do something to here, my two year old boy has been keeping me very busy and of course there is some homework to do to school.

This instructables is about how to make video projector shelf that is cheap and reliable, but also stylish.

The basic idea to this is i do not use any money to make these instructables i have, i only use whatever i find and allready have or i got for free. for this project i used about 5$ to the "golden" chain (and because it can handle over 15 kilos of weight so the projector is safe from falling).

Tools needed for the job:
Power drill and some drill bits
sharp knife
wire strippers
and a hair dryer. You know, just to look fabulous.

Stuff needed:
Good and sturdy shelf
4 angle brackets
Enoug chain
And if you want some tape or paint.

So enjoy, comment and rate!

Step 1: Desing of the Shelf

The shelf is an old bathroom shelf that was originaly desinged to open from left to right and to be upwards.(im not sure that the whole sentence makes sense but it does not matter). I got this for free from my parents since they didn't need it anymore.

There is few criteria if you want to do somehting like this like i did:

1. It has to be right size, meaning that the projector has to fit in the closet and to the closet door. Also there has to be enough room for the cables.

2. The hinges(pic.5) has to be strong enough to support the weight of the projector so that is safe for you and the projector AND most of all to the children. If something like this hits you or someone to the head, it could kill. And besides the projector would not project anymore.

3. !!DO NOT use a shelf that is allready rotting or about to. Use only shelf that only has healthy woor or it is made from steel. The rotting wood isn't strong enough to hold for long.
<p>Hi please could you let me know the dimension of the cabinet?thanks</p>
Hi! I'm afraid that i don't remember the dimensions anymore. The cabinet is a standard size. About 20 cm deep, 50 cm high and 35 wide.
great idea there mkarvonen. May have to try this myself and mount a RaspberryPi running RaspBMC in there, no issues with network cabling and could probably hide alot of items in there... only thing that would be showing during movie downtime would be your audio system :( still seems like an option though
ti ho detto semplicemente che &egrave; un bel lavoro ma: <br>1) la catena l'avrei messa all'interno che non si vedeva; <br>2) idem per gli attacchi a muro <br>Buon W.E.
grazie per la pubblicazione, si prega di scrivere i vostri commenti in inglese in futuro. si consiglia di utilizzare Google Translate. <br> <br>kiitos kommentistasi, kirjoitathan jatkossa englanniksi kommenttisi. voit halutessasi k&auml;ytt&auml;&auml; google translatea. <br> <br>thanks for posting, please write your comments in English in the future. you may want to use Google Translate. <br> <br>Ps. I dont speak English also.
Hi, it's a good job, but .... the chain if the mettevi all'unterno not seen .... the clamps (fittings for the wall), I would put the inside and everything was gone. ;-)
hi! I don't understand a word what you are saying but read the other comments and replys to get the idea.
He said he would prefer the angle brackets to not be visible.
Maybe it is usefull to use a other type of bracets, slow motion mechanical, for avoidings shock at videoprojector lamp.
If done right it won't move. and if not, it wont brake the lamp for the movement of about 1 cm and all the cables behind it softening the &quot;fall&quot;, In other words there is no shock to the lamp or the projector, just don't slap the lid when it is cooling down after use or in use. I once was installing my old projector to the roof and when i was putting it on to the roof it slipped from my hand and fell down to the sofa and bounced to the floor from there, and guess what. nothing happened to the lamp or the projector, im sure there is some crazy luck in that case but the fact is that if the lamp is cold it wont brake so easy (think about a class inside of plastic casing bolted to the middle), when the lamp is warm minor shock will make the lamp burn because of the lamp's wiring inside the bulb is at the most fragile state. if in cold state the wire is not so fragile. The only thing that is the most fragile is the class.
Clever idea , just remember to not to put the projector away while its still warn. This can crack the bulb...
yep. you have to be really careful with projector lamp.
Hi there! Good job! did you get the idea from <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Projector-hidden-cabinet-1/" rel="nofollow">my instructable</a>?&nbsp;<br> I have to admit that yours looks much better!<br> <br>
Hi. No i didn't get the idea from your instructable. I got the idea from walking in my parents carrage and spotted the shelf. and tought that i could use it to hold my video projector. But yours shelf is looking good!
Great minds think alike!
<br>I couldn't agree more!
Hi! Clever Idea! Great results! <br>But, I'm thinking in tuning you can do and is about placing the angle brackets inside the shelf. I do not know if it's possible, but surely it looks better...
yes. in most of shelfs it is possible, and looks much better.
I'd agree with the other guys that it would be tidier if all the fittings and chain were inside the cabinet, but it's a great idea using the material you have available. I like the way the projector is mounted on to the door so it folds away vertically into a small space. <br>It might be nice to make a range of shelves/cabinets on the wall to hold DVD's etc with this hidden amongst them, may I'll use your idea in my own cinema room :-)
thanks for the reply! The shelf is working perfectly and no flaws has occurred, i build this about a month ago.
Hi, great idea - I like the 'hiding technology away when not in use' plus the practicallity of keep the projector clean and safe. But, I question, Why not put the mounting bracets inside the case and save haveing them on show? <br>Great idea, Phil.
as i replyed before. I didn't think it clearly and realized that &quot;too late&quot;. besides. Bracets are too awesome to hide ;)
Nice idea. <br> <br>But, not only the the golden chain could have been on the inside but I would have preferred just 4 screws on the 4 corners inside in addition of the angle brackets,.
had to do it like that so it would stay in the wall firmly and for it to be solid and save enough. But yes i can see your point. I also tought about the chains inside the casing but chains outside is easyer to adjust the angle on the lid. depends how you do it
You could affix the brackets to the inside of the cabinet, so they wouldn't be seen when the door is closed. Cool instructable and a great idea. When my home theatre comes to its final fruition, I might just have to &quot;borrow&quot; this idea and adapt it to my own circumstances.
I tought the same idea. But i decided to put the bracets to outside the cabin so its easyer to install it to the plasterboard wall (and also tought this &quot;too late&quot; and didn't want to re-think the wheel). also the chains could be also inside the cabin for better look, but they might tangle with the cables if not propely installed. <br> <br>This is a good way to make a cheap video projector wall mount that will serve a long time.

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