DIY Portable UV Exposure Box (PCB Making Gadget)





Introduction: DIY Portable UV Exposure Box (PCB Making Gadget)

Here's a preview of my DIY UV exposure box that I made this past December. I use it for developing "Presensitized PCBs" (Photopositive PCB). Presensitized PCBs are usually developed under sunlight, it takes 3 minutes to fully expose it. By the aid of my DIY UV box, it speeds up the process to 30 seconds! It's also reliable compared to the sunlight method and fluorescent method.

I usually connect it to my "DIY ATmega UV box processing unit" (arduino based). It's a little attachment for controlling the light intensity, has a digital timer, it's also equipped with a backlit LCD screen 

Just so you know, when you go to a local PCB fabrication service, they either use Presensitized PCBs or a Laser CNC. This project is only recommended for experienced users!

How To Use It:

First of all this gadget only works with Photo-positive PCBs, NOT FOR TONER TRANSFER METHOD !!! I've done the process with my "DIY Arduino Motor Shield", from my previous ible guide. Since summer (school break) just started, I'm planning to post more ibles about Arduino projects with PCBs, I'l show you how I develop my presensitized PCBs on my next ible guide.

Why Use Presensitized PCBs instead of Toner Transferred PCBs?

Based on my experience presensitized PCB making is one of the most reliable and efficient way of fabricating precision made PCBs. As we all know from our experience in making Toner Ink Transfer PCBs, there's a lot of broken lines and blotted ink, this is bad since some lines could short the project after etching. The advantage of presensitized PCBs, is the reduction of broken lines. It's so precise, you could make PCBs with lines as thin as a strand of hair!

Here's My Toner Transfer Instructable Guide: DIY Customized Circuit Board (PCB Making) 

Tools, Materials & Parts:
Ultra Violet LEDs (54pcs.)
- Plastic Enclosure (Project Box)
- Old 5v Nokia Cell Charger (any wallwart)
- 3.5 Jack for power connector (Male & Female)
- 2mm Acrylic/ Plexiglass/Glass
- Leatherman Multi-tool
- Dremel Rotary Tool

Here's A Video Similar To How I Fabricate PCBs, too bad it's not in ENGLISH (-_-)
(This Video Is Not Mine!!!!) 



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    Hi. :) Ang ganda nito, san ka bumili ng UV LEDs? tagal ko ng naghahanap nian wala akong makita dito sa ph. gusto ko din gumawa ng exposure box :)

    Hehehe, salamat! Yung project box nabili ko sa Alexan (SM Megamall) tapos yung UV leds sa e-gizmo (taft).

    hi, cool ng mga gawa mo :-bd saan ka nakabili ng dremel? meron ba sa alexan?

    Hehehe, salamat! Eto yung mumurahing rotary tool, meron nito sa alexan. Nagorder rin kami ng tunay na dremel sa, nasa $120, may kamahalan nga lang yung presyo.

    ahh nice. sige salamat! itatry ko rin tong presensitized board sa sunod.

    Hi I am going to use your schematic as a basis for my uv box.
    If i use a total of 20 LEDS, every four being connected to a resistor, what resistor would I use?

    Run your circuit in 4-5 volts (500mA).
    I would recommend a 47 ohm resistor, or anything close to that range.