I made a guide for those people who are still starting with their electronics hobby. I started connecting wires, batteries, bulbs, buzzers and motors when I was 4 years old . Now that I am 13 years old, I now have a good amount of experience to build complicated electronic circuits. Learning electronics isn't that easy but if you put love and passion to it, I assure you that you would enjoy building your own experiments. It takes years of jamming parts, soldering, gluing projects to become a good hobbyist. By fulfilling these projects that where shared by different Instructable members, I can assure you, with a little bit of passion and practice, you could become successful with your future experiments and inventions. 

It took me hours to finish making this guide since there is no software editor in the Sibmit>Guide in the "Submit Instructable Section" I had to type every word and picture using HTML codes which I learned from school. I Hope you appreciate my effort. 

These are my all time favorite projects in instructables, I find them simple and easy to make. I hope you liked them!!! Just send me a private message if you think your project is interesting, if it is, I will add them to my guide.

Stay Tuned For Updates!!

How To Solder by: noahw

Third Hand by: rstraught

Making A Customized Circuit Board by: ASCAS

How I built a Solar iPhone Charger ($50) by: akbrennan

Make a USB iPhone iPod Charger On The Cheap! by: matt.e.jenkins

Build a Simple Circuit from a Pizza Box (No Soldering) by: matt.e.jenkins

Solar Cockroach Virbobot by: JoshuaZimmerman

Water Powered Calculator (Original) by: ASCAS

Munny Speakers  by: fungus amungus

Mark I Super Psyllium Passivia Speakers  by: regularityaudiolabs

Basic Electronics  by: randofo