Exoskeleton S.P.D. (Sistema Personal De Demolicion or Demolition Personal System)





Introduction: Exoskeleton S.P.D. (Sistema Personal De Demolicion or Demolition Personal System)

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Hi guys:

I always wanted my own Power Loader, APU, exosqueleton or Red Power Ranger's Battlizer. Well, I built my own exoskeleton using... TRASH!!! Plastic junk who comes from PVC pipes, a broken chair, printer and PC pieces, a baby's table, an old electric typewriter, and deodorant caps, all of them found throwed in the streets of my city. Add an electric R/C car engine and an electric screwdriver's motor, and joysticks, and assemble with a Dremel motortool and electric screwdrivers, and you will be ready to say "SPD, EMERGENCY!!, destroy some robots or kick some alien butt. And well, it will be my Halloween costume!!!

The gaitling gun spins, and the claw opens and closes. Uses 4 AA rechargeable batteries in each arm.



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    Nice, but how do you make it. really need help with the arms! mostly the "elbows"

    I like the song in the video (and the costume).

    Thumbs up on this one!


    Hello, I would like this to be used for people who use wheelchairs, that pudding stand and walk.

    Yes, I would like, too. Maybe one day, I can make this to work more than a Halloween prop.

    This is superbeautiful!!! :D

    I really like most of your instructables!

    for an airsoft war put an automatic airsoft gun in the mini gun