Introduction: Exoskeleton S.P.D. (Sistema Personal De Demolicion or Demolition Personal System)

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Hi guys:

I always wanted my own Power Loader, APU, exosqueleton or Red Power Ranger's Battlizer. Well, I built my own exoskeleton using... TRASH!!! Plastic junk who comes from PVC pipes, a broken chair, printer and PC pieces, a baby's table, an old electric typewriter, and deodorant caps, all of them found throwed in the streets of my city. Add an electric R/C car engine and an electric screwdriver's motor, and joysticks, and assemble with a Dremel motortool and electric screwdrivers, and you will be ready to say "SPD, EMERGENCY!!, destroy some robots or kick some alien butt. And well, it will be my Halloween costume!!!

The gaitling gun spins, and the claw opens and closes. Uses 4 AA rechargeable batteries in each arm.


mcawley87 (author)2015-09-12

Nice, but how do you make it. really need help with the arms! mostly the "elbows"

Gunter187 (author)2015-07-14


JesusG33k (author)2015-03-01

I like the song in the video (and the costume).

Thumbs up on this one!


M.C. Langer (author)JesusG33k2015-04-02

Thanks Sam!

juan.rosariosantana (author)2014-11-02

Hello, I would like this to be used for people who use wheelchairs, that pudding stand and walk.

Yes, I would like, too. Maybe one day, I can make this to work more than a Halloween prop.

Gabry295 (author)2014-07-15

This is superbeautiful!!! :D

I really like most of your instructables!

Zappzipper (author)Gabry2952014-10-17


M.C. Langer (author)Gabry2952014-07-16

Thanks Gabry295!

connorb1 (author)2014-09-26

for an airsoft war put an automatic airsoft gun in the mini gun

c j r p (author)2014-02-26

how do you make the claw move, what motor do you use alse could you make an instructable of you making all of the electrics

c j r p (author)2013-12-22

how do you make it

nerd97 (author)2012-05-03

It says it got blocked for copyright reasons. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!

Enriqueto (author)2011-10-26

Pués viejo que te puedo decir...excelente "prop" y de paso funcional...el Martin Bower de Colombia XD...creo que está lo suficientemente creible como para salir en una peli o al menos en Dr Who...

M.C. Langer (author)Enriqueto2011-10-26

Jajajajajajaja!!! Gracias Enriqueto! De dónde eres?

Enriqueto (author)M.C. Langer2011-10-26

Venezuela viejo...

Mr.Sanchez (author)2011-10-20

Hey Felicitaciones!!!apareces en el halloween hall of Fame!!!Viva Colombia Carajo...!!!

M.C. Langer (author)Mr.Sanchez2011-10-20

Siii??? dónde? dónde? Deja ver!!

Gracias compadre!!

Mr.Sanchez (author)M.C. Langer2011-10-21

There you are.!!!

sergio00 (author)2011-05-07

yo soy de alcoy,en el oeste de españa

sergio00 (author)2011-05-03

esta muy guay me sorprende que haya gente que hable castellano
como yo aqui en instructables y el tuyo mola

M.C. Langer (author)sergio002011-05-03

Gracias Sergio!! Y mucho gusto, soy Mario, de Bogotá, Colombia! :-)

TigerNod (author)2010-12-30

You really look badass when wearing this... Really cool stuff ;-)

M.C. Langer (author)TigerNod2010-12-30

Thanks TigerNod!!! :-)

prop master (author)2010-10-15

do you think you could make legs for it the same way

whait86 (author)prop master2010-10-24

very ingenius reminds me of the suit from "Aliens" when ms weaver woops the queens butt

M.C. Langer (author)whait862010-10-24


M.C. Langer (author)prop master2010-10-16


AlternateLives (author)2010-09-29

This is awesome! it kind of reminds me of the armored walkers in "Avatar"...

Thank you!! :-)

phobos_001 (author)2010-09-25

me gusto el ametrallador

M.C. Langer (author)phobos_0012010-09-26


Dr. Tarantula (author)2010-09-20

if you can post how you made the claw

Saturn V (author)2010-08-21

Love it!!! Now if only it had lazers and a flamethrower. Hmmm.

M.C. Langer (author)Saturn V2010-08-21

Thanks Saturn!!!

bahi (author)2010-08-01

Muy bueno!

M.C. Langer (author)bahi2010-08-01

Gracias Bahi!!

superjail3 (author)2010-07-10

completely awesome u should make the gatling gun shoot nerf darts or airsoft pellets lol aanyways very nice gun

superjail3 (author)superjail32010-07-11

sry not gun the whole suit :)

M.C. Langer (author)superjail32010-07-10


juanoporras (author)2010-06-13

doode this is awesome! :P felicitaciones, that's what I call, recycler's imagination! :P I'm a recycler also, thumbs up for this. congrats! One man's garbage is another man's treasure ;). saludos

M.C. Langer (author)juanoporras2010-06-13

Gracias hermano!!!!!!!!!!!

yohaneskurnia (author)2010-05-18

cool , I like it a lot . I am from Indonesia , could you possibly teach me how to make it in my country ? email:

Hi Yohaneskurnia!

Thanks! Well, I didn't make an instructable for this. But you can get the idea watching my "Become a Mad Cyborg" instructable. Is the same principle, more ergonomic and less heavy.

qwertyty (author)2010-04-15

Very cool idea , but what do you use this for?

M.C. Langer (author)qwertyty2010-04-15

Thank you!!

I used this in Expociencia Expotecnología 2009 (The greatest science fair in Colombia) for attracting people to my recycled products stand, and later for Halloween!

fop (author)2010-04-01

you should mount a coil gun on it there very easy to make

M.C. Langer (author)fop2010-04-01

Good idea!

skaterqwertyuiop (author)2010-03-13

 Great Job. I've some of your instructables and I have one question...
What do your neighbors think about you?
Great Idea.

Thank you Skater!!!!!! Well, some of them call me "Robocop" (WTF????), and their kids come to my house only to see the new toys of "Robocop". One day, I will show my toys in!

Thank you!!

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