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Introduction: How to Make Marshmallow Flower Cupcakes

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I had made Blooming Cupcakes using little mints and decorative sugars...then I found out that you can get the same look, with mini marshmallows! It is incredibly simple! As a matter of fact, it is EASIER! :D

Bag of mini marshmallows
Colored decorative sugars, divided by color into little seal-able sandwich baggies
Food scissors

Cut each mini marshmallow in half on a diagonal. you will end up with 2  'petals' from each marshmallow.

Place the 'petals' into a bag of decorative sugars, and give it a little shake. The sugars will only stick to the part of the marshmallow that was cut!

If you let them 'rest' for a few minutes, they will puff back up.

Carefully place your marshmallow 'petals' onto your cupcakes! They look great with little candies in the center, or pipe the center in with icing.

Hint: Using big marshmallows will give you a different look! Check out picture 2 for what the large 'petals' look like!



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These are so cute! How early can you make these before a party before the marshmallows get stale and hard?

was reading the green licorice is gross ,why not try musk sticks I think there is a green one

These are gorgeous!

perfect and adorable

From Australia & made these today but maybe we don't have the same mini mallows as America as mine look quite different to the photo. Great fun to do

These look so pretty & delicious!


These look even easier than the other ones! And the petals still look awesome.

They are a LOT easier, but look so similar! I LOVE the way the big marshmallow petals turned out, it gives you a whole new look!

Next time I am going to cut the big petals in half lengthwise and layer them, try to make hibiscus...

Hope you add pics, so we can see ;)