Step 2: The beak

A good beak is essential and I spent a fair amount of time on this.
First make a basic pattern, here it's expanded polystyrene foam. Like the "hat" I wrapped in cling-film then applied layers of PVA and paper, in stages with drying in between.
After I'd made the top-half the foam was trimmed smaller and the process repeated for the bottom half.

Notice how the end is rough and splayed-out, this helped with joining to the head-piece

Some bits of metal were added to form a hinge (cheap Meccano-a-like kit)
Dr Qui4 years ago
Nice job.

Hurah for the cheap Meccano-a-like kit, I bought myself 2 of them in the post Christmas sale in the local supermarket to go into my part bins ( after an evening of nostalgic play ;0) ) they are exceptional value, the same amount of the nuts and bolts the contain would cost almost twice the price of the kit in a hardware store.
lemonie (author)  Dr Qui4 years ago

Yes they are! Someone got me one for Christmas...