Step 8: Now Your Finished!

Booyah! Now people will be asking you to make them a metal binder too. It turns out that a lot of my friends have problems with their binders breaking.
I hope this binder holds together. So far, so good.

Thanks for viewing my Instructable! Please vote for me, I would love to have at least one graphic t-shirt in my poor wardrobe :D

P.S. I forgot to mention that one of the rivets needs to be ground down a little. Make sure it is out of the way of the middle ring.
Nothing is indestructable! (If you have access to c4)
execpt the planet earth,and whats beyond it
the planet earth is not indestructible there are enough bombs and nukes to blow up the whole planet
Oh planet earth is easily destroyed. Its just a hunk of rock and molten metal.
XD Thats quite funny a bit of acid might to the trick too :)
At its time, the Guren MK V was, and so was the Avalon.
Noooo ,not unless you use alchemy on them... ;)
Great Idea! I never heard of people going to these extremes until I joined <br>like.......5 hours ago LOL <br> <br>Im quite content with my binder though its the one by Case It that has 2 binders built into one. I just wish they made them more durable.
I've been using this binder for some time now. It only has a few minor tears on the fake leather, but the next binder I make will be solid metal.
it looks great but what will you do if it rusts
Can't rust, it's aluminum.
i must have misread it and mistaken it for something else
awesome i need one of these my math binder always gets trashed but curiously only my math binder oh i know boring math + doodles+no paper=broken binder thanx
thanks... im gonna make this. Four binders is just too much to pay for....
Suggestion though would be to use metal hinges instead. Even though the cloth on my binder is still holding, it doesn't keep the metal panels from warping slightly.
we made this in school in year eight... but with proper hinge things...
If you could get leather and brass materials it would look very 'Steampunk'. Another idea I had while looking was wrapping a strip of leather all around the outside edges. This would make it more hand-friendly.<br>It looks cool though, will probably last long past the time when you decide to make a new version.
Great instructable. I think this is a really good idea. I too am tired of buying new binders and trying to duct tape my old binders. I might make one of these but with 1/8'' birch finishing plywood and piano hinges .
i was actually surprised that you didn't use piano hinges for the ,well, hinges <br>K <br>if your leatherette hinges wear out try piano hinges, comes in lengths 3' long and more, cut to length with hack saw, pop rivet on.
Hmm, never heard of them. Thanks for the tip, I'll look them up sometime.
I like dis so much I started thowing bits of sharp metal at my self and poking myself with a knife ouch
Congrats!! When I saw yours i knew that it would win. Its a very cool idea that i may try if i can find the materials
Thanks :D
Voting has started everyone, I appreciate the help!
Nicely done! I like the leather hinges, very clever, silent, &amp; durable. It also looks like you rounded all the corners of the aluminum so they don't snag or cut through a backpack. Great extra step.
Thanks for the support! I appreciate you vote :D
You know, I haven't had my coffee yet and so I must be blinded but I can't figure out how to vote- HELP!
Don't worry! Voting starts tomorrow (Monday) and usually there is a large &quot;vote&quot; button at the top of the webpage. Thanks for the support :D
nice i'ble but I got an other question, how thick of aluminum did you use? Also, where can you buy it
Hi Smash10101<br>you can gewt aluminum sheeting in places like Lowes and home depot-<br>I've seen it in some craft places like Michaels and AC Moore-<br>Online- under different categories- jewelry making for one along with &quot;aluminum flashing&quot; might help &quot;Metalipherous (sp) Is a great source for all kinds of sheet metal. You can probably even get it in the size you want so won't have to cut.<br><br>Also ebay and sometimes craigslist under &quot;materials.&quot;<br>Hope this helps.
I didn't buy the aluminum, it was trash, so I have no idea.
could you estimate of measure it maybe, like was it as think as the ave. clipboard? or a cheap plastic binder?
Hmmm... maybe half the thickness.
I dig it.
how did you make the fake leather?
Plastic cows.
NVM found a vid, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLRSy2-gfhg
Actually, that is my video... haha...
yea, I noticed, nice job on it btw.
you know what'd be awesome? if you were walking to school, and you were caught up in a gang shooting, and some one went to shoot you, but your badass steampunk binder stopped the bullet and saved your life
Maybe not aluminum, but perhaps steel? ;) Something I actually was thinking about... 4 people were murdered in the past week by my school. At least I have a bludgeoning self defense weapon...
hmm... a steel binder... ill get to work ;)
Just go all out and make it out of Adamantium.<br><br>Etched Acrylic might look cool too. Maybe put some LEDs in lol.<br><br>Anyway, I wish I had a rivet gun. : (
kevlar shell, layered with titanium, a soft core to absorb impact, more titanium, then a layer of kevlar. all three panels. now THAT would be indestructable. then again, simply kevlar would work too.
geeze i never knew school work had better protection than the president.
LOL then again, the president probably has a top secret plane with triple layers of all the above materials, or a science agency that is working on that. :)
You don't have to use rivets, you could use bolts. But I think rivets may be cheaper...

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