Kids crafts can be an excellent way to pass some free time. Not only will craft projects give you something to do, it will also keep kids entertained for hours. Throughout the site you will find many examples, of Craft ideas to keep the little ones occupied. Some of these fine examples have been selected, to give you an idea of where to start.

How to Make Playdough (Play-doh) style
Playdough (aka Play-doh) is easy to make at home, and fun for kids of all ages.  Here's how to make your own non-toxic toy with custom colors and fragrances. This is the classic method that involves ...
Make an awesome Harry Potter wand from a sheet of paper and glue gun glue style
Now that Harry Potter fever is upon us once more, I thought you would like to have a go at making some really nice Harry Potter Wands. This is such a simple but effective instructable. With a sheet of...
How to Make a Paper Hat style
Ever wanted to be like those hip kids in paper hats? Or Popeye? Well, now you can! With this majestic hat, you can be the coolest thing on two legs! (or one, you amputees, you!)
Friends Are Easy To Make style
Frugality is my middle name. Couple that with my penchant for anything cute and you've got a heartbroken girl mourning her inability to dole out the big bucks to satisfy her cute quota.But - not to w...
Grow your own Magic Crystal Tree style
If you found an ad for this instructable in the back of a comic book, it would read something like:"Amaze your friends by growing a crystal tree out of common table salt and a few other ingredients a...
Paper Dollhouse Chairs style
Is your dollhouse in dire need of some funk, some kitcsh, a modern twist to those boring wooden chairs you find at hobby stores? Here is your solution. Make your own furniture from paper. Join me in t...
embroidery 101! style
In this instructable I'll go over the basic stitches that I use the most and the basic tools you'll need to begin embroidering. This will help with building yourself a Robot plushie. ;)Also: for addit...
Make a Rainy Day Tissue Box Guitar! - Great for Kids style
I'm going to show you how to make a guitar with your kids out of a tissue box, paper towel roll and some rubber bands! My mom and I used to make these all the time when I was little - They're really f...
Make a fossilized Dinosaur Egg style
Using one bottle cap and some oven bake modeling clay you can make a really realistic looking Fossil model. Maybe it's a dinosaur fossil or maybe it's a dragon fossil, who knows. All I know that until...
How to Dye Noodles--the Crafting and Edible Version!!! style
Dyeing dry noodles for art collages, stringing awesome necklaces, or sorting by color is a breeze! Go back to kindergarten with this easy project. *Note: This new recipe allows noodles to be used for...
Kids Polystyrene Wall Art style
High winds blew packaging material from a nearby building site all around our town. The pieces of polystyrene got lodged in trees, shrubbery, everywhere. They were too big to put in the bin for coll...
Muppet-style puppet style
With a serger you can prototype many things because it makes it easy to cobble together bits of material into something fun real quick. An after-dinner project when there is nothing good on TV, make ...
Make a Bird Marionette style
Make this fun puppet!