This was my quick and dirty Landspeeder X-34 for my sons 6th birthday party. I didn't plan on an instructable, so the photos are a mixture of construction and deconstruction. (it took up ALOT of room, I needed the garage back) It's also my first instructable, so excuse the rough edges.

Step 1: Chassis

The first step is to find a suitable chassis. I used an "Original KettCar" that we already had. I know that they have several models and sizes. It's pedal powered, although some of the younger kids needed to get a little boost to get all of the mass moving. Once you have your chassis, you need to identify your mounting points where you can build your sub structure. this method could be used for any sort of bodywork, although it could get quite heavy the more structure you have to build. I'm not sure how much more the drivetrain could handle.

<p>Looks great!</p>
<p>I'm saving this so that I can build it if or when I ever have kids. I admire your ingenuity, good sir!</p>
I just imagine doing drive bys in this...
<p>this is amazing I'm a star wars can so I love this</p>
<p>Can I have one?</p>
<p>Wow this is incredible. As a major Star Wars fan i really appreciate this instruct able great job. </p>
Liked yr idea so much, we did it.
Were you able to improve the design at all? I'd like to hear/see your take on the project.
<p>No, I cut corners by using cardboard on the front and attaching the flower pot directly to the body. Other than that we followed your instructions.</p>
Will you try it with a 4 person golf cart??
Anything is possible with time money and space.
A story was in the Muskegon Chronicle in the State of Michigan on September 22, 2013. Good job.
every kid should have a dad like you :)
Wow! And I'm not a huge Star Wars fan - but I want one for myself!
Your instructable was mentioned on CNET.&nbsp; Very cool.<br> <br> <a href="http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-57602288-1/star-wars-x-34-landspeeder-is-a-pedal-powered-win/" rel="nofollow">http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-57602288-1/star-wars-x-34-landspeeder-is-a-pedal-powered-win/</a>
maybe need this car : doors
Yowza, the kid's going to have thighs like a power lifter pedaling that thing around! <br> <br>Clever looking idea though.
This is great. Nice job.
Good heavens what does it weigh?
Surely that just makes it go faster. Win-Win!
I want you as my dad thank you please :)
So cool!!!!
If you have a steam machine or two, apply steam to the wood. The heat and moisture will help the wood paneling warp without cracking, allowing you to move a bit faster. It would probably require a lot of steam though. Maybe something like 2 steam machines and start on one side and go around. Maybe get it done in a day if needed?
You know, next birthday you have to top this.
I love this. Your kids are so lucky.
F-ing incredible! I wish you were my dad. :)
What a great project! Star Wars halloween theme.
You could take a hole-saw to it, and drill out the wood to lighten it for the younger kids. The kit they sell is usually to drill holes for door handles, but you could pop a dozen strategic holes in those boards to lighten the load considerably.
Strap three solids onto the pylons and HANG ON!
Awesome! Love Go-Karts! I've always wanted to build one.
Flower pot turbines...genius.
Gee, I now have a house full of boys asking me to buy a pedal cart... <br> <br>Nice job. <br>
(And I can't wait to see what you do for his <em>seventh</em> birthday...)
I think it might involve one of those Red Bull &quot;soapbox&quot; competitions... :)
Oh, he'll just whip up a working anti-grav unit in his spare time...
Thanks for all the feedback! I fixed the photo issue, and added a few little details that I omitted at the onset. if anyone replicates, I'd love to see how you modified/made better my design on the fly effort.
good work but the pictures are very small
I fixed the issue, thanks!
This would be even cooler to convert into a hovercraft but still awesome
And the best parent award goes to ...
Ha, &quot;quick and dirty&quot;, right. Bending wood over the course of several days, specialized decals, no visible duct tape, etc. This isn't quick and dirt. It's awesome.
I guess my dad just didn't love me.....love the bumper sticker!
Great work! I really think you know how to go above and beyond for your kids
Good job thanks for posting your son has a great dad

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