Introduction: Light Ball

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This light ball is an easy and cheap decoration to make that is perfect for any occasion; christmas, easter, a party or just a funky decoration for your home.

You will need:

Cups (amount depends on size of cup)






Step 1: Drill Holes in Cups

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Drill a hole to snuggly fit in the light bulbs in all the cups.

Step 2:

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Once all the cups have holes drilled into them you now beginning making the sphere. To begin you staple two cups together. You then expand stapling more cups together to create a flat circle. Amount of cups used depends on the size of the cup. In this example 20 cups were used to create the base.

Step 3:

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Next you staple a row of cups on top of the base cups.... you continue in this fashion until you have created half a sphere. Then your repeat steps 2 and 3 to create the second half of the sphere.

Step 4: Adding the Lights

Once both the halves are made you get your string of lights and slot them into the drilled holes you created.

Step 5: Completing the Sphere

Once all the lights have been slotted into their holes you have to put both sphere halves together to create a whole sphere. To do this you place halves together and staple the cups that meet together.

Step 6: Hanging

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To finish you can glue string to the middle to hang.


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