Picture of Mini BSG Colonial Viper Mk II Popsicle Stick Model
How about a one-day mini popsicle stick model project?

Only nine (9) major sub-assemblies (including the two tiny rear landing gear housing!) makes up this mini Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper Mk II.  This should should be an easy build even for novice hobbyists.

The Viper Mk II was the main fighter spacecraft used by the Colonial Defense Forces against the Cylons in the 2003 remake of Battlestar Galactica.  A Mk I from the 1978 series should also make for an interesting one-day build.

The only major challenge in this project was in fabricating the top engine and engine exhaust nozzle.  The engine exhaust nozzle should fit snuggly inside the shaped housing at the rear end of the top engine.

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

Picture of Materials and Tools
Not a lot of materials were used for this project.  Basically regular sized popsicle sticks, varying sizes wooden coffee stirrers and a toothpick (for the kinetic energy cannons) were needed to complete this one-day build.

Tools used for this project were:
  • Dremel MotoTool 3000 and MiniMite with the following attachments:
    • 1/2" & 1/4" drum sander with fine/coarse grit
    • disc sander with fine/coarse grit
    • #100, 125 & 193 high speed cutter
    • Regular cut-off wheel
  • Olfa Cutter
  • Mechanical pencil
  • Ruler
  • Fine tweezers
  • Various clamps
  • Elmers all purpose white glue

Step 2: Schematics and Images

Picture of Schematics and Images
Although there were numerous posts from website of various Colonial Viper versions, I used the schematics from the creative folks at devianart.  The URL for the top, bottom, side, front and back view images of the Viper Mk II is:

The images I got from the web (google image search keywords: "colonial viper") shows the top-left and bottom-right views of the spacecraft. The views were useful to estimate the location of the kinetic energy cannons and rear landing gear housings.  URLs for the images used in this project are listed below.

Again, my thanks to providers of images and drawings for making this build possible!
DIY Micah made it!1 year ago

Here's the one I just made for my She loves it! I made the nose longer but I like it. The USS-ChapStick is there for size comparison. Gonna do the X-Wing next. Keep up the awesome work!

This is great stuff! I am currently building this out of tongue depressors a little bigger scale for old folks... Thank you for sharing this awesome art.
I have an extra bag of glue sticks for your project with my mini glue gun hun. :)
HrdWodFlor1 year ago
A great ship from a great show. All your model work is amazing!
Thanks... Will also consider a very similar Mark 1 from the original serires...
Just a question, I was looking at your Star Wars B wing and others you have made, do you have any way to build wooden hinges into your models? I can understand the difficulties that come in to play working on such a micro scale.
Hi... Of the three models I posted with hinges (Avatar Gunship, B-wing and Gunstar), only the Avatar gunship has an actual pivoting rotor assembly. The other two were just simulated hinges (i.e. bits of scrap tootpicks). Would also be interested in a tiny wooden hinge (if possible) to make models more interesting. I think a hinge that is really tiny would be too brittle to work with...
Alderin1 year ago
Beautiful work, as always. :-)
popsicle_mini-models (author)  Alderin1 year ago
Thanks! Will post similar 'easy' projects in the future... Regards!!
Galaxy ON fire sorry...
Yes... I see the resemblance. But more similar to the Mark 1 from the original series than the Mark II...
more awesome stuff, what do you plan to make next, the whole battlestar on the same scale?
Thanks! I may consider building a Millenium Falcon if time allows but definitely not a whole battlestar on the same scale. I may need an entire log for that!
qwixel1 year ago
I would have loved this back in the 70ies... I was drawing those things all the time!
Wow pretty neat stuff. Its amassing what you can do with a few popsicle sticks.
Hmm,it looks a lot like the inflict from galaxy in fire 2 (probably the inflict is based off this ship) very cool though
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