This is my Instructable for the LED contest.  This is also my second Instructable to so go easy on me.

In this Instructable I will show you how to make a quick and dirty LED flashlight.

Step 1: Materials

3v coin cell battery (I used a CR2032)
Momentary push button switch
LED (obviously)
Electrical tape (optional, not pictured)
Small length of wire
Try conductive glue...<br><br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-Conductive-Glue-and-Glue-a-Circuit/
you could use a battery holder. Sometimes circuit boards have these and you can solder to the holder contacts.
Do not ever solder on a battery. These are very dangerous and will explode. I have seen an experienced electronics technician do this and got by with two or three, but the last one exploded and luckily he had on his safety glasses.
I did not know that what do you recommend to attach the wire and led? Also is the danger only during the soldering? or is there still a risk of explosion after the light is completed?
The danger in during soldering, you are over heating the battery and placing it under high temperatures that can cause it to leak, explode, or just simply destroy the battery. If it explodes and the acid enters your eyes, you could permanently damage your vision.
Thank you for the information, so how would you recommend that I attach the leads to the battery?
You can salvage the battery container for the button cell battery from another object. You can use a clothes pin to hold the cables to your battery. You can also use tape (less permanent)... lastly for this kind of project you can leave the leads unattached and then use the force of your thumb and index finger to press down on the leads to light the LED. Make the end of your cables into coils or a small ball, that way you have more surface contact if you're going to tape them to the battery. .. anything but solder :P
Buy batteries with solder tabs. These are more expensive and may be harder to find, but they are made for the purpose of soldering.
Any other ideas? I'm only 15 and I don't have a job, which means I don't have the extra money to buy those. As it is I get my coin cell battery from salvaging parts from electronics.

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