I have always wanted a patio table for the back yard . It was a pain to find one that was big enoff also afforable to get
this a brife intructable that shows you that you can take old pallets and reuse them to what you desire.

Step 1:

Like the table. What are the dimensions?
<p>If I remember its 4x8 32&quot; tall</p><p>sorry for the delay been super busy with the laser enfraver</p>
Pfred <br>Thanks for the photos I like your pallet board remover looks great <br> After the frist one I had a plan on how to take apart the pallets. <br> After I cut the ends off I turnned the pallet over . <br> After I turn the pallet over I step on the plank with my right foot then <br>Then roll the 2x4 back nforth to pry apart with my crowbar. <br>It work pretty fast . I always try to reuse what I have <br>Thankx again sir
It works great too. I have nice crowbars and what have you, but pallet planks can split a lot on me if I try to use bars with it. My board popper works all of the time because it can get right in the middle of the plank. One smack and the board pops up. I can't imagine it being any faster, or easier than that. I made it out of total cut off scrap steel too. I didn't know if my welds would hold up to the hammering, but so far they have.
Oh, mate, can you re-upload the photos, but the right way up? <br> <br>The table looks cool, but it's giving me a stiff neck...
Everyone is a critic! :)
The table looks nice! I've been planning to do this very thing the last 3 springs. Rotating the images would really help the Instructable - especially since it's entered into a contest.
Wow I think your table looks great! I've made a bunch of stuff out of pallets myself. Ripping up 12 of them is a lot of work. When I take stringer style pallets apart I cut off the ends myself. The half an inch or so of wood I lose on each end is nothing compared to the planks all splitting apart on me if I try to pry the ends up. I use a circular saw with the depth set to just cut through the deck planks in order to saw them off. It is a bit crazy but I hold the saw tight when I do it. Then I have a custom tool I made to pop the planks off the center stringer.<br> <br> Let me see if I can find a picture of my pallet busting tool. I found a couple. I smack the end with a hammer and it pops the plank up!
Could you rotate the pictures to the right position? The table looks awesome but my neck hurts! Very nice table, indeed!

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