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Recently, I converted my old wired headphone to solar powered Bluetooth headphone and today I will share it to you. Most of the components for my Bluetooth headphone are collected from various old electronic devices which are not in working condition. I always try to reuse & recycle old electronic components to reduce e-waste. Reducing e-waste will make our planet earth safer for now and future.

This instructable is a start towards recycling old electronic & reduction in production of e-waste.

Step 1: Collecting Materials From Trash

1. Old Wired Headphone

Common problem of a wired headphone is breaking the cord. Another common problem is found on volume control knob for storing dust. Most of the cases both speakers remain in good condition when we through the headphone on trash. I have selected my old unused headphone which had problem on volume control knob and cord.

2. Old Power bank

When we through a power bank on trash, 95% cases it is for damaged battery. Every rechargeable battery has a limited charging cycle e.g. Li-ion battery has 300 to 500 discharge/charge cycles. After the specific charging cycles the performance of the battery falls dramatically and we through it to the trash. But, do you know there is more than 95% chance to find the control circuit in good condition and you can easily use the circuit in other devices? I found the control circuit of my old & unused power bank in very good condition.

Control circuit of every power bank has two sections. One is charging circuit for charging the internal Li-ion battery of power bank and another section is boost converter circuit. Li-ion battery use in power bank can not charge another Li-ion battery directly. Boost converter step up the voltage of Li-ion battery from 3.7V to 5V so that it can charge smart phone, tablet etc.

3. Old portable DVD Player

I collected a nice button pad from a damaged portable DVD player. I used the button pad for controlling the music and audio for my Bluetooth wireless headphone.

4. Li-ion Battery from old Mobile Phone or MP3 player

Bluetooth headphone use little power to operate and I found that an old but working battery from mobile phone or MP3 player can power the headphone for several hours. I collected a battery from my damaged MP4 player and I found the battery in working condition. I used that battery for my headphone. If you want to get longer backup you may buy a new battery but I think for wireless headphone a old battery is enough.

5. IDE Ribbon Cable from Old Computer

IDE cables are used in computer for connecting HDD or DVD drive with motherboard and very good for using as jumper wire. I used IDE ribbon cables for different connections because they are thin, durable and highly conductive.

6. 2 LEDs (one red, one green) from Old FM Receiver

Two LEDs can be used to indicate the Bluetooth module’s connection status. I got two nice LEDs (one red, one green) from a old AM/FM receiver.

<p>Awesome build here! I kind of want to do this with my Turtle Beach headset, still for use with the DSS2 sound processor, just to convert it to wireless with the same capabilities it has now.</p>
how much would i have to spend on it?
If you collect all the materials from old devices like me, than you have to spend approximately $40 (RN-52 Bluetooth Audio Module - $25, 1 W ultra thin flexible solar panel - $13.5, regulator module -$1.5).

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