Step 5: Test It

Picture of Test It
Now just fill with water preferably from the kettle as hot as possible (BE CAREFULL) and attach a piece of steel cable tie or solid core wire to each pipe and bend in the middle so the can is suspended from a point central point. Attach the swivel to said point or make an eyelet by twisting the wire and dangle from the thread/string. Attach the end of the string to something above the stove say a rafter in the garage and light it up! I find a Blow Torch works best but you can use whatever is available.

If you have any acetone or ethanol then you can add roughly 5% to 95% Water which forms an azeotrope and will reduce the boiling point to about 75 degrees celcius, which is good for two reasons. Firstly it takes less time to boil and will boil faster and secondly it will hurt less if you get splashed with some water from inside the can as the liquid will be cooler. Obviously wear relevant safety equipment including safety goggles and protective gloves.

I have almost finished the videos of it in action and when i have uploaded them ill post a link, they will probably be hosted on my website first though at:


Thanks for Reading and happy building.