Yes! This is a helmet for Space Vikings.

***Update, This should be renamed Techno Viking Helmet***
But its October 2010 and I only just learned about the Techno Viking today. Well behind the meme curve. Whateva'
Here he is with higher production value.
Remember the Ghost Busters version.
Here he is in a 300 version (my favorite because of the McDonalds flier).
Flash Animation


Flash Animation


You could spend a lot of time on this project or you could do it quick and easy like I did because I was in hurry.

What it does is make the horns glow when you speak.

The helmet does this by using a volume indicator like the one that lights up a strip of LEDs on your stereo.

The structural elements of the helmet are pretty simple. I learned a great technique called tape casting from this step 4 of this great instructable. Mark Jenkins is an artist that uses tape casting.

The electrical elements are also pretty simple and cheap.

This instrutable consists of two parts; the helmet and the electronics.
First let's make the helmet because it's rad. Then we can make it awesome with voice-activated lights.

When I made this didn't know about H. Beam Piper's novel or movie. On Halloween night a little girl asked me what I was dressed as and Space Viking popped into my head.

I think The Flight of the Concords might clarify the helmet's vibe a bit:

Step 1: Making the Horns: Tape Casting

-Clear packing tape (wide transparent tape)
-Clear plastic bag
-Banana or banana shaped object...

Wrap the banana in plastic bag. This keeps the tape from sticking to the banana which lets you slide the banana out of its tape cast.

Wrap the plastic covered banana with about 3 or more layers of packing tape. Wrap tidily for tidy looking horns. Wrap about 1/2 to 2/3rds of the banana.

Now wiggle the banana out of the tape cast. The tape will be tight so wiggle the banana from side to side.

Congratulations you now have a Space Viking horn. Now make one more.

i love flight of the conchords. especially the episode with inner city pressure in it.<br>bret is absolutley hilarious.<br>woop!
Yis, Britt
phallic symbols amok. <br />
That's what my partner said. I replied that I used a banana to make the horns and nothing else. <br /> <br /> But if you're into silly vikings, I think you should watch this: <a href="http://fy.netlog.com/go/explore/videos/videoid=fi-274896" rel="nofollow">http://fy.netlog.com/go/explore/videos/videoid=fi-274896</a><br /> <br /> and tell me what you think :)<br />
Do you use your banana-shaped sellotape horns as telescopic antennae to transmit <strong>data back to earth?<br /> </strong><br /> Space viking, indeed. :)<br />
Sometimes I use a nipple antenna. <br />
Flight of the Conchords, yes!<br />
Wow, crazy! I didn't even know who Flight of the Concords were until a couple of months after I made this. The helmet makes me smile and so do the Concords. And I graduated from Concordia University in Montreal. <br />
I bet you do....<br />
Totally!<br />

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