what can you buy with a coin?many things like aa batteries,aaa batteries ,button coins etc etc.but can you make a battery with the coin itself?no?then i am here to share how to make it.it is a small project no soldering no hazards .excited?so lets start

Step 1: Ingredients

the things you will need are:
1)a cent of usa (that is 1/100 of dollar)=6-7(depends on the voltage you want to make)
2)a sand paper of 100 grit.
3)a thin piece of cardboard
4)a scissor
5)a cup of water and some salt(if you have vinegar then ignore)
6)a led for testing
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<p>thanks, and I would send my next ideas when I get one</p>
This is Illegal in Britain don't know about the usoa but I think it will be.
For how many days or time will it work???
it may last at least last 7-10 days with a red led i think.you may increase its lasting by sealing the coin battery
Just for the record, this step is illegal in the United States.
sorry i could not understand much what you said.but as you said if i have done any illegal work i am extremely sorry
no nothing you have done is illegal its fine
Very good work, Argha. how many time the battery lasts?
i built it yesterday <br>and to test it i kept it on with the red led and i became surprised to see it was lighting so well .i have it beside me now turned on and it is still lighted .i think it would last at least 5-7 days.and you may recharge it by dipping the cardboard pieces again in the salt water or vinegar!
Wow! This is awesome, congratulations.
Brilliant work argha!
thank you very much!

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