firstly i want to thank 1up for his amazing instructable on making joule thief.today i want to share making of joule thief. white or blue led lights at almost 3 volts.but by using joule thief you can run leds at even 0.5 volts.but in this instructables i will be using 1.5 volt battery.you can use the last bit of energy in the battery using this circuit.i am not good in electronics but even i could do it because it is easy.using this you can reuse dead batteries and help in greening of earth so lets start..its easy and great for scientific classes and experiments.

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Step 1: Things You Will Need

this is a cheap project .things needed are also common and cheap.this are the things that you will need:
1)some thin wire.
2)a white or blue led.
3)a 1000 ohm resistor.i got mine from a toy.so leads are small.
4)any npn trnsistor-1.(but transistors like 2n3904 or 2n4401 or bc337 etc are good choice)but if you use pnp transistor you will have to reverse the polarities.
5)a ferro magnetic core like toroids.if you dont have toroids then take the circuit of a decreased fluorecsent bulbs .there you will see one type of round nut wrapped in wire.there you have your toroid.
6)an aa battery

tools you will need:
soldering iron or pliers

beside the things picture you may see white dots.those are reflections of flashlights.
how to transistors used to covert low volt to high volt
good idea
<p>what's the role of the transistor in this circuit ?</p>
can i make with transistor bc 548
it will work, any npn transistor works, but if you use pnp tranistor you have to reverse the poles, so just check your transistor is npn, if it is it will work fine <br>
Providing a diagram of Joule Theif will be very helpful........
I will soon try to give one
thanks. i will soon see your video.hope your video will be one of the bests!
very good. I made a joule theif a few weeks ago, I turned it into a flash light. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcTwhqfUkxk
A schematic would really be helpful !!

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