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Ben Finio (author) 3 years ago
I don't know if people "following" me will automatically get this notification - but fyi I changed my username to my real name, Ben Finio - just in case you get confused and wonder "Who the heck is Ben Finio? Don't remember following him...".
ligios13 years ago
I am purchasing the items from your list to do this for a summer camp but I can't seem to download the file to send off to Shapeways. Any advice?
Ben Finio (author)  ligios13 years ago
Weird - I just tried the download link on my home computer and didn't have any trouble, although for some reason it changed the name to FEKRPK6HDRS6HBT.STL instead of 4-leg-gripper.STL.

Anyway, I made the file public and downloadable on Shapeways - does this link work?


I'll put it up on Thingiverse too just so there are multiple download options in the future.

Also, that's great that you're doing this with a summer camp! I'd recommend running through the process at least once yourself before you try it with kids. We'd love to hear how it goes and see pictures/videos of the kids and their robots.