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lilchas2 years ago

Hello, building you awesome cnc machine. Trying to follow your directions and parts list step by step. one question, I know you hate us sometimes, by I got a great deal on aluminum stock that's 3/8 " thick . Can I use that thickness for the 5 stepper motor mount plates and 4 gantry mount plates that are 1/4 " thick to save on material and can I modify other parts if needed , if not I understand , Thanks, Chuck.

Yeah you can do that. I am using 3/8 6061 as well. The motors need about 1/8" deep circle cut out so the faces fit flush against the mount. The shafts are long enough to work with the extra width if you don't do that. It is usually better to have a flush mount though, reduces stress on the motor when it is mounted by dispersing the bolt tension forces across the whole plate rather than concentrated on the center area. This also smooths out vibration.

SNSmith3 years ago

We've not met, but I'm reaching out to you today with some exciting news.

My name is Sean Smith, and I work with Cabot Stain on special projects.

Several months ago, you shared a "before and after" house staining project using Cabot, via Instructables. Everyone at Cabot was very impressed with your project in particular, and thought, “we should figure out a way to let more people know about this great work.”

So this Spring, Cabot Woodcare is launching the first-ever national Cabot Stain Hall of Fame. Celebrating some of the most creative, beautiful, and impressive wood staining projects from all across America, the Cabot Stain Hall of Fame will feature images that inspire woodcare enthusiasts of all experience levels.

And I’m pleased to let you know that the images you provided will be among the first 10 inductees to the Cabot Stain Hall of Fame. Here’s some of the particulars:

• The Cabot Stain Hall of Fame will debut as a “virtual” place at the Cabot Facebook page. Your photo will be displayed within the image gallery, after a visitor enters the “virtual building.” Here’s a sneak peek at what’s currently under development:


• To commemorate your achievement, Cabot will be preparing a customized (and of course nicely stained) trophy with your name engraved, which you can display in the privacy of your home, or, do what we would do; go door-to-door and show it off to the neighbors!

• In order to ship your award to you, we’ll need your current mailing address and a phone number at which you can be reached. Please reply at your earliest convenience to confirm your receipt of this note to Sean@TakeThirdStreet.com, or, you can give me a call at 317-450-5146. Along with your preferred address and phone number, we'd welcome the correct spelling of your name, which would appear on the trophy.

Please feel free to e-mail me back or call with any questions, ideally from an e-mail address of your choosing (making life easier than trying to communicate via this board!)

Sincere thanks for choosing Cabot, and congrats on your induction into the Cabot Stain Hall of Fame.



Sean Smith | President | Third Street | Sean@TakeThirdStreet.com | 317-450-5146
Jake19946 years ago
Hello my name is jake, and i live in illinois and i was googling hovercraft designs because i am interested in building one and i happened to come across yours and i was very impressed with it. When i build my hovercraft, i want it to be like yours. So, i have something to ask of you, which is this: can you please create step by step instructions on how you made your hovercraft? i am able to build things better if i look off of step by step instructions. It would also be nice if you made an exact list of all the materials you used to build it. I know it is a lot to ask of you, since you dont know me, but it would really mean a lot to me if you could do that for me. My email is super-trunkmonkey@hotmail.com, so if you get this message, please send a response to this message to that email. Please respond! Sincerally, Jake
Doug Costlow (author) 6 years ago
I just posted a new instructable, USB Bike Generator, so go check it out and if you like it vote for it in the USB contest. Thanks
ewilhelm9 years ago
I know you've been around for a while, but I realized I never said hello. Thanks for sharing your projects, and welcome to Instructables!

Let me know if you have any questions.

You've probably already found your way around, but in case you haven't seen these, here's a guided tour of Instructables and an Instructable for making Instructables.
hey, me again, what kind of styrofoam did u use? could only find 2" insulation at home depot, so im guessing u used that, but just wanna confirm
Doug Costlow (author)  CommanderFlint9 years ago
I used 2" thick white styrofoam, 4'x8' sheet, from homedepot. It was not the pink insulation.
heres the one i used can u please just look at it and tell me if it'll do, they didnt have any other one so im pretty sure u used this one too, but again, i just wanna make sure

the 2" one
Doug Costlow (author)  CommanderFlint9 years ago
The stuff i used had no laminated surfaces and no lettering on it, just the white styrofoam. The sheet you got looks fine just keep it away from the engine block, a few inches, and the exhaust. The only reason I used the foam was to stiffen up the hull and to give it some buoyancy, as long as it does that its good.
Thanks again, ur help is greatly appreciated. I also just realized the engine wont be that close to it anyway, since, like urs is, im mounting it on some angle-iron for the lift and wood for the thrust.
Doug Costlow (author)  CommanderFlint9 years ago
Do you have any pictures or are you going to do an instructable for it
i am taking pictures as i go along and will post an instructable on it w/the pics as soon's im done, but im mostly just basing it on ur design w/only slight modifications
right, not pink insulation, but its insulation all the same right? i just wanted to make sure cuz it says its combustible at high temperatures, and i wasnt sure if any of the motors get hot enough (dont know how high they mean by "high temp")
You can find a hovercraft that is very similar to yours at http://www.xinventions.com/main/hovercrafts/home.htm
This kind features a seat and had some parts that were done differently.

I also like your user pic.