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RobertW1722 months ago

Your nit picking made me laugh and brought back fond memories of the ignorant, late '60s when research into such socially, unacceptable subjects had to be done covertly, at the local library. By the time a couple of weeks had passed we were experts on the life cycle of the human louse. This however didn't provide a cure, merely a stalemate.

Defeat was admitted and a visit to the local chemist's, by my mother provided a bottle of foul smelling chemicals which I can now blame for every stupid action I have since made due to the neurotoxins therein contained.

I might try your sunscreen if we ever move to a less rainy country than the UK. (or less stupid, post brexit referendum)

Thanks for your efforts and information.

belsey (author)  RobertW1722 months ago
Thanks! It's funny how many people remember "traumatic" lice experience with a smile...
a.laura.brody2 months ago

amazing work, ma'am!

Looks really good!

AD61 year ago

can you make a video on how to assemble the light? I'm a bit confused and it would help a whole lot! Great Idea though!

laxap6 years ago
Hello, I like your new avatar

Sunny greetings from Switzerland!
belsey (author)  laxap6 years ago