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kelvinror2 days ago

nice Bio

rogernavi4 days ago

I love your project

imbiglarry1 year ago
Cute dog!
soukayna1 year ago
(removed by author or community request)
framistan (author)  soukayna1 year ago
The picture on my instructables is my real picture. Sure you can email me, I like to answer peoples questions about instructables things. But my wife reads all my emails so keep it nice. Why not just use the instructables email method?
framistan (author) 5 years ago
FRAMISTAN... is a  word that was used on an "I LOVE LUCY" show back in the 1960's.  I heard a highschool teacher say it once and i never forgot it.

I plan on uploading some instructables eventually on the subjects of

     * Improving remote controlls for GEEZERS.
     * Money/Energy saving methods for heating in winter.
     * Cooling your house for almost FREE in summer.
     * Build a DELUXE doggy door with large barking-window.
     * How to use a Digital Multi Meter like a PRO.
Hopefully soon.... when I can find the TIME to do it...  FRAMISTAN
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