Introduction: "Talk Box"

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how to make a talk box, for almost noting (much better than the real ones that are $100+)

Step 1: Parts

Unforunatley i did not post tihs until i knew it worked... so that means that is was all packed up and i was unable to take it apart. sorry abput this but i hope you can use the diagram.

foam craft ball(should be just a bit bigger than your speaker)
speaker(mine has about a 3in. diameter
Old broken guitar cable OR 1/4 in female jack
felt, foam, or something soft to dampen the sound
tube, 3-5ft. at about 1/4 in diameter
jar or box
hot glue
duct tape

Step 2: "Sound Cone"

I found that it works best to use something to trab the sond and aim it at the tube, so i built a "sound cone" out of a foam ball. what you need to do is:

1. cut the foam ball in half

2. carve out the foam ball so that there is a "shelf" for the edge of the speaker to sit on

3. carve lower than the "shlef" abaout 1/2 an inch, leaving room for the tube.

4. on the outside of the foam ball, drill a hole the same size as your tube into the very center.

5. hot glue in the speaker and the tube.

Step 3: Set Up the Speaker

Now you have to hoook up the speaker.
the speaker hooks directly into the "speaker out" or "headphone out" of your amp. so you can either solder a cable or a jack to the speaker. i used a cabale because my friend left me one with only one end, so it had no use, but a jack might be a lot more handy.

Step 4: Box

Now you can put it in the box!i highly reccomend putting al much sound insulation and foam in the box as possible. the more sound that gets through the tube the better it will sound.

Step 5: How to Use

1. plug the speaker into the "speaker out" on your amp.
2. tape tupe to the side of your mic stand
3. Now comes the hard part: while playing your guitar put the tube in your mouth and mouth the words you want to say directly into the microphone.

Thats it!

Step 6: What You Are Doing

so basically what a talk box does is take the sonds from the guitar and send it up the tube into your mouth. You can then mouth words to make it sound like your guitar is "talking". all you have to do is stick the tupe in your mouth then mout the wirds into a microphone. you van also get some other cool effects. by opening and closing your mouth you can get a cool wah.