Introduction: Сute Stand for Eyeglass.

Hello my friends!

Today i will show you how i made cute stand for eyeglass. There is nothing more adorable then a dog/bear eyeglass stand / glasses holder. An eyeglass accessory that will keep your glasses safe and add a smile to your day. Functions as both a unique home decor and display, the eyeglass stands make unique gifts for animal lovers. Great as an office gift, as a gift for that coworker that always leaves their glasses sitting on their desk. This dog/bear eyeglasses holder makes a perfect addition to any desk or night stand.

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Step 1:

For this project i used such tools:

- Dremel Moto Saw

- Screwdriver

- Speed Square (Aluminum)

- Engraver Mini Electric Drill

I used different types of wood:

- Pine

- Оak

- Birch-tree

Step 2:

At first i print picture and cut it on pieces. Then I redraw the outline of the details on a wooden Board. My little daughter helps me drawing ;)

Step 3:

Now we will be cutting pieces. I used Dremel Moto Saw. It's really easy to use, so even my little daughter can use it. I help her to cut little pieces. She is my little helper and always want to try my tools ))

Step 4:

When we cut all pieces, we checked how it is look like in real. Looks pretty fun. But the corners are not smooth, so i have to sand everything. For this purpose i used screwdriver and polishing disc. After sanding, all the faces became smooth and flat.

Step 5:

Now I mark where the eyebrows and nose will be located. I circle the places with a pencil. With the help of an engraver, I made a recess in the Board. Then I'll stick eyebrows and nose in there.

Step 6:

I used a chisel to make grooves. I'll put bear ears in them. Then I added some PVA glue, pressed it with clamps, and left the glue to dry.

Step 7:

Also, using PVA glue, I glued the bear's eyebrows and nose

Step 8:

Now I need to make a stand. I will use an 8 mm thick aluminum tube. I drilled 2 holes. One at the head, one at the base. Cut the tube 10 cm long.

Step 9:

Almost everything is ready. We just need to cover the eyeglass holder with oil and glue the eyes. I also glued the tube.

Step 10:

That's it! Our eyeglass holder is ready. She looks really cute! what do you think? Write in the comments who it looks like more a bear, or a dog?

So friends! Thank you for watching my post. I hope you enjoyed it!

See you soon! :)

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