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Introduction: DIY Scrap Wood Wall Art. Wood Mosaic

Hello everyone I think many people have a lot of small wood scraps left in the workshop. It's a pity to throw them away, so they accumulate in large quantities. I found beautiful decorative panels made of wood on the Internet. I decided to make myself the same

Step 1:

My Tools:

Brad Nailer -

Japanese Saw -

Heat Gun -


Plywood - 60-130 cm

Wood scraps

Step 2:

The first thing I needed to do was find the exact center of the sheet of plywood I would be using. For the design to work and look right, it was important for it to start at the exact center of the piece. I measure the center lengthwise and widthwise, and where they met would be my starting point. I marked this with a pencil.

Step 3:

As I didn't have miter saw, I made a jig for cutting at 45 degrees. It's very simple to do and easy to use.

I also add neodymium magnet. It holds the saw and the cut is very smooth

Step 4:

I decided not to paint the boards as other authors do. I bought PVC vinyl films. With different textures of wood, cement, marble.

PVC Films are very easy to use. They are perfectly glued to wood. For the best effect, the PVC film needs to be heated with a heat gun.

Step 5:

The result will surprise you. Most of all I liked the texture of cement

Step 6:

After we have pasted all the details of the picture, they need to be laid out on plywood. If everything is in order, we can start gluing the parts to the plywood. I use PVA glue

Step 7:

After the glue has dried, we need to trim the protruding edges to the size of the plywood

Step 8:

The final step.

We need to make a frame for the picture. To do this, I took 4 bars, cut them at an angle of 45 degrees. I glued it to the PVA glue and fixed it with a stapler.

Step 9:

So our picture is ready.

I used a minimum of a tool. I think many will be able to repeat this.

Step 10:

I hope you enjoyed my work!

I will be grateful for your comments and likes)

You can see more information in my video

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    4 months ago

    This looks amazing and I love the effect from the vinyl!


    5 months ago on Step 10

    Really liked the idea of covering the strips. Where did you source the vinyl. Is this Contact brand or equivalent shelf and cabinet covering? Nice project!


    Reply 4 months ago

    Thank you so much:) I'm glad you like my project. I'm from Belarus. I bought this vinils in a hardware store. But i think you can find something similar on ebay


    Reply 4 months ago

    Hi Polkilo Thanks for the quick answer. Contact would be the USA brand in a hardware store so your answer works great for me. Again really like the idea and execution!