Introduction: { MERMAID TIARA }

Who never dreamed of being a mermaid ? These fantastic female creatures are among the most beautiful and known ladies in myths and legends ... Or have you, at least, ever dreamed of wearing some of their beauty accessories?

Here is a D.I.Y tutorial I created to show you how to make a pretty mermaid tiara on your own ! Perfect for dressing up, cosplay, photoshoots, complete your mermaiding outfit or just dreaming.


Step 1: [ S U P P L I E S ]

(1) SHELLS picked up on a beach or purchased from a decorations store.
(2) PEARLS AND STRASS of different sizes, shapes and colors, in resin, acrylic or glass.
(3) CHARMS, settings, chains and metal rings of the color of your choice.
(4) HEADBAND simple or already with a support to decorate, metal or plastic.
(5) PAINT acrylic, metallic or pearlescent patina to match the pearls and rhinestones. *
(6) 3D PAINT pearl, ivory or pearly white (or color of your choice). **
(7) GLUE, glue gun or a strong glue tube.

( * I used paint DECO ART RAYHER "Brill. Gold" / patina cream INKA GOLD "Turquoise" / acrylic paint LUMIERE "Halo Blue Gold" / acrylic paint SILK "Iridescent Gold" || ** NUVO CRYSTAL DROPS "Ivory Seashell" )

Step 2: [ B a S E ]

(1) Measure your headband to find the center and mark it with a pencil.
(2) Paint the headband the same color as the charms, unless it has already the right color.
(3) Center and glue your charms, settings or filigrees on the headband.
(4) Select shells of various shapes and sizes and think about their arrangement.

Step 3: [ P a I N T I N G ]

(5 - 6 - 7 - 8) Paint your shells with metallic or pearlescent acrylic or patina in the same color shades, either with fingers or brushes. Then paint a gradient at the bottom of each shell with a lighter or darker color, then let everything dry (respecting the drying time of each paint).

Step 4: [ G L U I N G ]

(9) Paste the larger seashells on the settings and filigrees (glue gun or strong glue).
(10) Stick the other shells, making sure to allow the glue to dry between each layer.
(11) Cut with scissors or small pliers the glue excess (unless there isn't)..
(12) Stick the rhinestones, pearls and half-pearls wherever you want on the seashells, filigrees and charms.

Step 5: [ D E C O R a T I N G ]

(13) Leave to dry for a few hours to make sure the whole thing is dry.
(14) Add the charms, chains and rings of your choice to adorn each part.
(15) Decorate with the 3D paint all seashells and charms by making dots and let dry.
(16) Hide the glue on the front by painting it with the same color of the shells and let it dry.

Step 6: [ E N J O Y ]

That's it, your mermaid tiara is ready !