Introduction: { RUBY SLIPPERS }

Among the most beautiful novel and film shoes, other than the Cinderella glass slippers, there are Dorothy's ruby slippers! A pair of magical shoes worn by Dorothy Gale in the Wizard of Oz, which allow her to return home closing her eyes, clicking the heels of the slippers together three times and repeating the phrase, "There's no place like home.". Initially described as silver shoes in the novel, the cinema has made it a pair of sumptuous famous shoes, bright red with sparkling sequins.

Having always wanted to own such pretty shoes since childhood, but could not find any similar ones or could not buy replicas of them, I tried to make a pair with store-bought shoes and a few red sequins! That's why I'm sharing with you today a tutorial where I show you how at a lower cost and in a simple way, you can also create a sumptuous pair of ruby slippers that can also be worn every day! Absolutely perfect to complete a cosplay or Halloween costume! In my case I didn't find the same shoes as in the novel and the film but I tried to represent an aesthetic as similar as possible!

Step 1: [ S U P P L I E S ]

( 1 ) SHOES, slippers, ballerinas, heels or sandals.
( 2 ) SEQUIN RIBBON, plain red or glitter red.
( 3 ) GLUE, strong in tube.
( 4 ) FABRIC or red felt.
( 5 ) RED RHINESTONES or strass.

Step 2: [ B a S E ]

( 1 ) After cleaning your shoes, draw a line of glue.
( 2 ) Then stick the sequin ribbon firmly on the glue line.
( 3 ) For a few seconds hold the ribbon on the glue line with your finger to fix it properly.
( 4 ) Then continue in the same way to glue the sequin ribbon along the heel.

Step 3: [ G L U I N G ]

( 5 ) To easily cover the heel, do not cut pieces of ribbon but simply unroll it from its base and rewrap it on the heel of the shoe by sticking it progressively.
( 6 ) Then let dry and glue again the areas where the ribbon does not stick.
( 7 ) Then start covering the shoe in the same way.
( 8 ) To do this, proceed as for the heel, but all around the shoe.

Step 4: [ C O V E R I N G ]

( 9 ) Continue until you have completely covered the shoe.
( 10 ) If sequins are missing or do not completely cover the shoe in some places, feel free to collect and re-use some of them from your remaining ribbon.
( 11 ) Then glue these sequins in the gaps where the shoe can still be seen.
( 12 ) Let the glue dry and do not hesitate to re-glue where the ribbon does not adhere to make sure that everything fits when you will be walking with your handmade ruby slippers.

Step 5: [ O R N a M E N T I N G ]

( 1 ) Now measure the space on the front of the shoe to know the size of the bow tie that embellishes the front of the ruby slippers.
( 2 ) Copy these measurements on a piece of paper and compare them to the shoe by following its slightly curved shape.
( 3 ) Then draw by freehand the shape of a bow tie in the outlines of the measurements you have taken on the paper.
( 4 ) To be sure that your bow is symmetrical, do not hesitate to draw only one side and copy or shift the other part reversed just next to it. Repeat this step for the second bow.

Step 6: [ C U T T I N G ]

( 5 ) Then take the fabric or red felt.
( 6 ) Use the bow shape you created as a template.
( 7 ) Either by cutting it out and placing it on the red fabric as a pattern, or by directly transferring the traced shape on the red fabric.
( 8 ) Either by using the bow-shaped hole that results from its cutting as a stencil.

Step 7: [ O R N a M E N T I N G ]

( 9 ) Then cut out the two bows traced on the fabric or red felt.
( 10 ) Then choose from your red rhinestones which would best embellish your bows.
( 11 ) You can try different layouts to either make it look like the real slippers or to give them a more appealing appearance or relief to your taste.
( 12 ) Then create the bows you prefer and stick them on your shoes!

Step 8: [ E N J O Y ]

You now have your own wonderful ruby slippers like Dorothy of the Wizard of Oz and can wear them either with a matching everyday outfit, a Halloween costume, a cosplay or at a cinematographic convention! Or you can simply display them in your living room near your box or other goodies from the movie!

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