Introduction: { SHABBY CHIC JARS }

Appeared in 80's in England, Shabby Chic is a romantic and vintage decorative trend. What makes it so charming is its aesthetic, white, bright but worn out with a boho inspiration. A delicate style embellished with noble materials such as wood, linen, cotton, lace and flowers! Very fashionable, these decorations are sometimes hard to find or expensive.

This is where creative leisure activities allow you to play around and create your own pieces in this exquisite style! Decorating for a long time my interior in a white and bright version of the Cabinet of Curiosities, I often wanted to incorporate a few pieces of this style... That's how I was able to do it at a very low price, by using only chalk paint on glass jars. So here's a simple tutorial to show you how I did it.

Step 1: [ S U P P L I E S ]

( 1 ) JARS made of glass.
( 2 ) PAINT with a chalk effect. ∗
( 3 ) BRUSH, classic.
( 4 ) SANDPAPER or nail file.

(* here I used RAYHER CHALKY FINISH paint "White", which is also available in a multitude of pastel colours: pink, blue, yellow, green, purple)

Step 2: [ P a I N T I N G ]

( 1 ) Clean the jars with a towel and paint them with a first coat of chalk paint.
( 2 ) Then allow the paint to dry as recommended on the paint container.
( 3 ) Once the 1st coat has dried, apply a 2nd coat of paint to all the jars.
( 4 ) Let it dry and then paint a 3rd coat so that the surface of the glass is opaque.

Step 3: [ F I N I S H I N G ]

( 5 ) Let the whole thing dry so that the paint is properly dry on all its layers.
( 6 ) To reveal the patterns of the glass through the paint, use sandpaper or a nail file.
( 7 ) To do this, rub your jars randomly according to their different patterns and reliefs.
( 8 ) Then gently wipe your jars to remove paint dust and that's it!

Step 4: [ E N J O Y ]

Now all you have to do is place them in your home decor to give it a little Shabby Chic style!