Introduction: { TAPE DISPENSER }

With their low price and large choice of patterns, we tend to collect Masking Tape! Often of different thickness or width, these adorable decorative tapes then become difficult to organize... As I regularly use mine, I needed a practical way to be able to use them quickly without messing them up every time!

Here is a tutorial to show you how, with some useless materials found at home, I was able to make a simple and ultra functional Masking Tape support! A kind of tape dispenser that you can fix on your DIY equipment furniture and that allows you to use the adhesive tape of your choice and still keep it neatly tidy!


Step 1: [ S U P P L I E S ]

( 1 ) ADHESIVE HOOKS made of plastic or metal.
( 2 ) CURTAIN ROD small, with or without telescopic.
( 3 ) CARDBOARD TUBE from paper towel or cooking paper.
( 4 ) MASKING / WASHI / DECO TAPE that you want to organize.

Step 2: [ B a S E ]

( 1 ) First, clean the surface of the piece of furniture where you want to put your tape dispenser, then remove the adhesive protections behind the hooks.
( 2 ) Attach these hooks at the height of your choice at a distance from each other, making sure they are at the same level, then place the curtain rod on them.
( 3 ) Repeat step (2) if you want a 2nd dispenser and if your furniture allows it.
( 4 ) Take the cardboard tube and check if it passes through the center of your tape. If this is not the case, reduce the width by cutting a 1 to 2 cm wide strip along its entire length.

Step 3: [ F I N I S H I N G ]

( 5 ) Put your tapes on the cardboard tube, with every peel-off ends on the same side.
( 6 ) Then pass the rod through the inside of the cardboard roll, then replace it on the hooks.
( 7 ) Repeat steps (5) and (6) for the second dispenser.
( 8 ) To use the tape of your choice, simply peel off the end, unroll it, cut it, and that's it.

Step 4: [ E N J O Y ]

You can organize it as you wish: by colors, patterns, etc.
Here you are, your tape dispenser is ready to use!

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